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Need Help with Thermostat...........what type??

Hello: I have steam radiators in my house that is fueled by gas. I bought a Lux 1500 programmable thermostat that I don't program I just pick a temperture and hold set it and move it up or down depending on the weather. However my house temperature does not seem to be to comfortable. In reading the instructions I noticed a temperature swing setting ranging from 1 - 9, the default setting is 4 which It is currently on. Shoud the temperature swing be set to 1?

My friend told me that Honeywell make the best thermostats for steam heat. I bought a CT3500 one and i guess there thermostats have a swing factor buit in of +/- 1 degree. In there instructions they list the type of sytems, the first one says gravity/steam, the next one is forced hot air, then gas or oil.
My system is steam but it is fueled by gas........I guess the gravity/steam system cycles once per hour? I am not sure what the cycles mean?

Is there a preferred thermostat that works best with steam systems? Is the electronic thermostats to complex to use with a steam system? Should I just get the manual round dial one?

Thanks for any help/advice on this subject..........I am really confused and need alot of help in regards to this issue.


  • bigugh_4
    bigugh_4 Member Posts: 406

    Look at the whole system and understand it! T/S's are just one small piece of the whole thing. 2. your system is a gas fired , gravity/ steam system ( it is what you described). 3. Use the honeywell and set it up as they describe. 4. Steam and gravity can have other problems that should be treated, to make it work successfully.
    5.Buy,read, and contemplate the stuff on this wall (on the left) and protect your self with knowledge. Even to hireing a cood contractor!
  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    Steam heat thermostat

    You can use the CT3500, just make sure that you set it up for the 1 cycle per hour (steam/ gravity) setting. Using setback on steam is controversial at best, but it can be done, depending on your system's characteristics, and the condition of your home's windows, insulation and your lifestyle. If someone's home all day, daytime setback isn't practical. The retail CT3500 does feature a form of "Adaptive Intelligent Recovery", and while it is not as advanced as the T8600 trade products, it will gradually ramp up the temperature from the setback to the comfort temperature. BigUgh gives good advice...order some of Dan's steam heat books and discover how your system really works, or use the "Find a Contractor" feature the locate an expert in your area. You also can try our website, www.honeywell.com/yourhome for more info on our products.
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