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Interesting customers

Jon_2 Member Posts: 109
Recieved a heat call from a customer with a Glow-core boiler. I have repaired it twice in the two previous years. I did not sell it nor would I even recommend Glow-core to anyone. The original installer would not come back and left them in the cold two years ago, when I recieved the first service call. The whole system is a total mess, cobbled up piping, wiring, etc. I recommended replacing it, but they would not go for it. So I got it running and was paid for the job. Second year same breakdown plus burner ****'y was plugged with scale, repaired it again and recommended replacement with something reliable WM or Buderus, no dice. Informed them that the glow-core is just about dead in the water. Third year, get another call, get to the house and the wife lights in to me like a bull terrier before I even get a chance to look at the unit. Says "We have paid you almost $300.00 in the last two years and the boiler still quits every year" and she goes on for 15 min. while the hubby stands there with a smirk. It was a long day for me and I reminded her I did not sell the system, I just repaired it twice in the two previous years and got it running both times. I politely excused myself, and told them I would be happy to install a new system and that I no longer wished to work on the Glow-Core ever again and left.


  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    sometimes it just...

    doesn't pay to do a service to people... Sounds to me like you were more than reasonable...I would be careful about doing ANY work for them ever... As to the glowcore...you can't make chicken salad from chicken!^%#...kpc
  • mellow
    mellow Member Posts: 19
    What is glowcore boiler??

    I must have missed that name. Any breif info would be cool. Do not feel bad!!!! $300 is a drop in the bucket for a patch to any system that should not be working. Sounds like they should have been nicer to you.
  • customer should have been kissing your feet..

    you made the piece of junk make it thru a whole season on one service call each year...some customers need to be cold for awhile...
  • Al Letellier
    Al Letellier Member Posts: 781
    glowcore boilers

    I don't believe in saying anything about anything if it ain't nice , so I'll keep my comments about glowcore to myself. I have run into a problem with replacement units where there was once a Glowcore. Seems some guys don't realize that this unit has a very high head and they fail to get rid of the 011's when they install a new unit.
    We had one where the installer took out a Glowcore and installed a WM GV Gold. With the 2 007's in the WM and the three 011s in the system, you should have heard the noise and the ghost flows.....any of the 3 stats would heat the entire house (or should I say overheat). If you run into a Glowcore that you're going to replace, Be very careful and mindful of the circulators!!!

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