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Primary Pump Wiring

doug_10 Member Posts: 102

I am setting up my system as follows; Primary loop feeding through an Ergomax for radiant, with the rest of the loop for three high temp zones (before Ergo) and one low temp zone (after Ergo).

I have an Argo (not Ergo!) panel for hooking up my three radiant zones (one pump and three zone valves), and will connect my primary pump here as well if I can, but I also want to run it on any call for heat...and also whenever the boiler fires (tankless coil, maintaining temp, etc.).

Is this possible? Can I have the relay power two pumps together? I'll admit I would rather not find out the hard way due to my inexperience w/ electrical things :-)

I want the boiler to heat all 40 gallons (boiler + Ergo + piping) of well-insulated water every time she fires. Doing it manually, she runs for a minimum of four minutes with no heat calls...used to be about 90 seconds. It's a cast iron boiler w/ Beckett burner...no outdoor reset, constant circ, etc. I reset the temp. myself as needed.

Right now I "borrowed" the t-stat from the dining room to run my primary pump...I have it programmed pretty well for the times when heat and HW are need but it's a temporary fix - plus there's a zone with no warm floors :-0!

Maybe a set-up like a Boiler Boss from Erie? I'm in my boiler room at least once a day...two or three times during the heating season...so manual stuff is fine (to this point anyway) for a nut like me, too.

My tech is a good guy, but not a hydronics guru like the Wallies...

When this whole set-up is done, I'll have quite an interesting few items to share with The Wall.

Seeking any advice...TIA. Take Care, PJO


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