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Repco in the kitchen

Not the best choice for a boiler in the middle of a kitchen . The homeowner knew about how they tend to burn through the back . She also took advantage of the NYS tax credit , so Kenny and crew were also here to install a new oil tank .


  • Peerless

    The upstairs zone was run by gravity , and controlled by a valve under a radiator . We hooked that into the main zone , so they have at least partial control of it . That extra tee in the header is to split the upstairs if they want it .

    Theres a pit under the burner and a 3 inch clay pipe that runs about 10 feet to the outside . Its used as a chase for the oil lines and to drain any water that gets in the pit . The homeowner thought they were getting carpenter ants through it , even though the end outside is about 3 feet underground . So they cemented the pit . What a pain in the a.. it is to snake a new oil line through there when the pipe is 1/2 cemented shut .
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,998
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  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Gold Star!

    I wouldn't wish this install on anyone, yet you still make it look good!

    Wish I had the patience and speed you possess. Chris
  • Dave Palmer_3
    Dave Palmer_3 Member Posts: 388
    disapointed by that job

    why didn't you finish the tile job up to the boiler?
  • Chris

    Thanks , man . The good thing about these jobs is that almost every one of them are identical . Once you get a pattern going that works good , the install goes smoother . Problem is I never remember which size nipples and what tees work good for the next one .

  • Thank you Steamhead

    I was thinking of you after you said you thought of me with that tight pipe job yesterday . But I know you had it much worse than me - I got to ride a bucket all day .
  • I left my wet saw at home

    Actually , theres a cover that fits right in there that matches all the cabinetry , and you can't see the missing tile . But believe me , we have been asked in the past how are we are gonna match the missing tile ? Not this homeowner , both of them were fantastic .
  • John@Reliable_4
    John@Reliable_4 Member Posts: 101
    Hey, Ron Jr. Something I just learned...........

    As you know I also do allot of these boilerroom/kitchen in Mass. We have to run an new oil line up in attic and down to boiler so a "tigerloop" is a must but, now I read that they are only rated for 105 degrees MAX. I wonder how hot it gets once the cover go's back on? I have started to use 1/2" line whereever I can to overcome what 3/8" can carry and avoid tigerloops. But if needed install somewhere else but under the cover, oh well if it was easy anyone could do it, nice job as always! John@Reliable
  • Joe Grosso
    Joe Grosso Member Posts: 307
    Hey Ron once again

    A great looking install.By the way are you still looking for one of those tool boxes from sears that you wanted a while back.Sears is caring them againhave had one for a long time and just bought a new one.Be well me friend.
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    nice job Ron

    As allways very neat !

    Thanks for the photos


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  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    well done Ron!

    have come to expect nothing else...great pictures. How are the taco LWCO to use? have only ever used the safegard ones...kpc
  • I never thought to read

    the instructions , thats a bad habit I gotta break someday . Yep , the Tigerloop is only rated for 105 degrees . I see them all the time on the hanging GEs and low Yorks with the covers on em , and they look like they hold up good . I always wondered how the boilers handle the restricted fresh air flow with the covers on , and the servicemen I talk to say they perform great . Some day I should also check the temp in there .

    Once in a while I see a Tigerloop that is made of all aluminum , without the plastic top . I wonder what temperature rating that one has ? Thank you John .
  • Thank you Joe

    Yep , I got 2 of those tool boxes , one for me and my buddy Kenny . I get a Craftsman catalog once in a while and saw it in there , so I called to make an order . They told me it was special order and would not be carried at Sears , so I spent an extra $20 for shipping . I was in Sears the next week and saw about 30 of em lined up , and a few bucks cheaper than the catalog . I love being in the Craftsman Club .

    By the way , how are you doing Joe ? Back in full swing ?
  • Scott

    Thank you for looking at the photos . Do you and Chris have any big projects coming up ? I always enjoy seeing your work also .
  • Kevin

    We were using the Safeguard for a while , but the Taco is smaller and has lights on the outside for power and low water . Haven't had a problem yet with the Taco , except for losing the grounding screw . Thank you Kevin , I appreciate it .
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    UPCOMING ? I'm in the "no holds barred mode" at this point. More jobs than we can shake a stick at , and only a handful of small ones.

    Scott may have the time to get a few shots of the last couple soon. We're going straight out and that ain't a bad thing. Chris
  • Joe Grosso
    Joe Grosso Member Posts: 307

    Went to the doctor today and was told that monday can go in a few hours a day and do some service calls.It will be a few more weeks until back at 100 percent still on meds and the stuff knocks you out.Also these skin graphs on my feet are about 70 percent healed so still taking sometime to get around.Thanks for asking my friend.Keep up the pictures God I miss work.
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,113
    outstanding again

    as usuall ron awesome job nice andneat every thing you post beautiful just did my first peerless 4 section no coil real heavy boiler compared to mclean with a beckett gun they are really nice what a chamber and nice large sight door i'll post it soon or later waiting for some steammers keep up the great work you are a craftmans
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  • David Sutton_3
    David Sutton_3 Member Posts: 160
    cool job Ron

    Who say's you can't put 6 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket, look good Ron, i just took out a old Yorkheat boiler in the kitchen in winsorlocks Ct. same set up. just got to learn to compact this stuff in.....David
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