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Direct vent question (PAH) Hey Munchkin Man!

you could get creative and when you bring the exhaust up out of the ground put a dragon or some type of creature over it so the exhaust fumes come out the mouth or werever. We have many done this way be sure to keep the venting below the frost line and ptich it back to the Munchkin at least 1/4" per foot and you will have no problem. If you want to you can draw out your idea with all the dimentions and e mail or fax it to me for my blessing. Email is above and fax is 508-763-4909


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,856
    why me?

    So it's an older home what's been remodeled and they wants a Munchkin to drive their hydronic battleship. Problem is, dey's no place to exit with a vent that's not either under or too close to a vinder. Domestic too, so that's an issue demanding attention.

    Is it ok to bury the exhaust and bring it up out in the yard within a decorative enclosure (like inside a brick planter-type box with an insulated surrounding) so as to be attractive to the owners whilst exhausting the products of combustion away from potential return to the living spaces via a window.


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    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Justin Gavin
    Justin Gavin Member Posts: 129
    Wouldn't it be great?

    That would be nice to know. The only issues I see are Frost Line when and if the boiler were to shut down because of an error fault of some type. Have you asked your Distributor Yet? I would like to know some other opinions on this because this could be quite an option for retrofit.
  • Floyd_5
    Floyd_5 Member Posts: 418
    I ain't the munchie man......

    but I can tell you that I have had a Munchkin running since April just the way you have described...same situation... no place to go with the vent...so I went out under the driveway to the circle in the middle and come up with the intake and exhaust pipes...the pipes are about 3' down, so frost shouldnot be an issue...
    look's pretty cool when you come in the lane and see the whisp of steam coming out of the center.....30 some feet from the house.
    I'll try to get a picture the next time I get over there for you.
  • Murph'_4
    Murph'_4 Member Posts: 209

    A dirt leg at the wall might help

  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Flyods right

    They have picture of installs done just that way David.

    Jeff will post about this, but they have had plenty of installs brought out underground and terminating away from the house.

    We did one that came out underground, intake and vent seperatly, and then hugged the house with risers.

    Scott "wait till next year" Milne

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  • chuck shaw
    chuck shaw Member Posts: 584
    John Sawyer

    Has photos of a job on either Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket of a job just like that. They went underground, and came out near the driveway. Pitched it back to the boiler so they would not get ice. I know John has them on his computer, maybe he or Jeff could give you all the details.


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  • Yes that was I believe

    at Kathy Lee Gifford's home.
  • Warmfoot
    Warmfoot Member Posts: 127
    What do you do about Rain???

    Or runoff of water?

    Ernie Bogue
    Master Hydronics LLC

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  • Floyd_5
    Floyd_5 Member Posts: 418
    Keep the pipes up a bit

    I will take the intakes and put two 90's on them so they are looking at the ground.
    The tee's will go on the exhaust.
    right now I have the tee's on the intake and the exhaust, only have the 140 running as yet, didn't need to start the 190 yet and this house is big, 5000+ sq ft and we have had a few night's to the teens and today it stayed below freezing all day.
  • peter_2
    peter_2 Member Posts: 2
    PVC Option

    As an option for the exhaust vent, would it be possible to utilize a section of drainage PVC (wrapped in landscape fabric) pipe to assist with the water issue?
  • heretic
    heretic Member Posts: 159
    Vent length

    Just study those vent length tables carefully. Can't always go as far as one might like...

    To quote install manual (Pg #16): "The overall extended combined length of pipe on the inlet and exhaust must not exceed 125 equivalent feet total."

    That's with a transition to 4 inch. 3 inch only nets you 85 equiv. feet.

    Of course, "Equivalent feet" are not actual feet.
    And that is 'round trip':

    Pg #14: "Very Important! The inlet air connection must be connected to outside air and should be
    located no closer than 8" to the exhaust and no further than 36."

    Must be some good reason why the intake and exhaust lengths need to be roughly the same, otherwise you would have a lot more distance to play with in your case...
  • Dave Yates (PAH)
    Dave Yates (PAH) Member Posts: 2,162
    I'm hoping

    that's for vertical separation and not horizontal. I'm installing one now where the two are about 24 feet apart on the horizontal plane. They both travel under an existing garage floor and exhaust terminates on the sidewall while the FA rises up through grade. (grade falls away along the side)

    TDL is under 85'

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  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543
    perforated sewer&drain

    It could conceivable work but what happens when the water table comes up (Spring thaw,heavy rain)and start filling the vent and the combustion chamber
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    What about this product

    for underground venting. I use it to plumb to the outdoor AquaTherm wood boilers I install. This is 3" solid core schd 40 pvc. One end has a deep belled end. The exterior is a hwavy mill (blast hole liner) plastic. This gives you a pressure tight and insulated, water proof vent or condiut.

    www.insulseal.com will build about any size, any pipe material, with a choice of insulation thicknes.

    hot rod

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