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TRV for one pipe steam system

Steve_20 Member Posts: 3

I just moved into an old house, and we have a one pipe steam heat system with a relatively new boiler. I'd like to put thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on some of the radiators, especially upstairs in the bedrooms where the rooms are getting a little hot. We're also in the process of renovating the bedrooms (including insulating outside walls and ceilings which were never insulated AT ALL, and doing replacement windows), so I'm guessing that after we do that work, the rooms will be even hotter...

I've been looking around to try and figure out what I need, and whether this is something I can do myself. It seems it might be as simple as replacing the steam vent with a thermostatic steam vent (as opposed to adding the valve at the intake into the radiator which I'd be afraid to tackle) ... is this the case? I've found a few brands, the Macon OPSK, and Honeywell-Braukmann, but it's not super clear whether these are the right parts. Can anyone recommend any specific parts and where I might find them? I'm in MA, northwest of Boston if that matters. Can you get these at everyone's favorite home supply store?



  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    Putting the trv on is not the problem........................

    I would wait till you get everything reinsulated before you do anything. Then, you can see where, if any, you want to put them. Mad Dog

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  • Steve_20
    Steve_20 Member Posts: 3

    Makes sense. The reinsulating will be done this week, and I'm already too hot in one of the upstairs bedrooms (even before insulating). So I can't imagine I wouldn't want them in the upstairs rooms....
  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    One pipe steam

    You can use the Honeywell Y100P1001 which includes a 1/8" npt valve, a vent, and you also will need the T100A1028 actuator, or whatever model of actuator you prefer. These are available from any hydronic or steam oriented wholesaler, there is no retail equivalent. Try the "Find a Contractor" feature above. Good luck.
  • tp tunstall
    tp tunstall Member Posts: 63
    macon opsk

    if you are NW of boston....met pipe in cambridge may stock these, other wise F.W.Webb co, any branch, can get these. but do what mad dog suggests first.
  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    With one pipe steam

    Forget about the inlet valve idea with one pipe, you need to vary the air rate from the rad vents you want to control.
    The key is where is the buillding stat at? If you have upstairs rooms too hot while the downstairs where the stat is still cool a cheap try would be Dole vari vents on the too hot rads. I would do this until the remodel ect is complete and then see if you want thermostatic Danfoss type rad vents. If you are going to completely rip the walls open you may want to have someone insulate the steam risers.
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