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GE replace - and pipes everywhere

BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
I could see the mushroom cloud over here in Joisey! I think you should patent what you do. Great work!!!


  • This one will give me nightmares for a few weeks

    3 zones of heat - 2 circs at the boiler , an aquabooster piped to a closet , extra hot and cold pipes going who knows where , and a low voltage zone . I had one partner , and asked for a little more help from the office - it never came . This one was rough .
  • Weil Gold 3L

    So , 2 PM rolls around , and I still have 3 more pipes to connect , as well as the wiring , oil burner , and oil lines . Needless to say , we didn't stop for lunch , coffee , water , air .

    The boiler plate has a cut in it to run heating or domestic pipes up from underneath . The cut out is only about 2 inches by 5 - they assume theres not much piping there . Today we had 4 - 3/4 pipes and 3 - 1/2 pipes from below , as well as the 2 oil lines . I was racking my brain trying to figure out the best way to run em up without crisscrossing , but finally I gave up and just did my best with the time I got . I also had to mount the LWCO upside down , I hope that won't be trouble in the future .
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    I don't know how...

    you do it. I'd wet my pants just thinking how I'd do it? Did you put in a new plate for the new boiler to rest on? Whatever they pay you its not enough...What model aquastat is that? If you used the new taco IFC pump checks it might give you some more room and be quicker...kpc
  • David Sutton_3
    David Sutton_3 Member Posts: 160
    Hey Ron

    You a glutton for punihment or what. man you do good work, if you get another nutty job and noone comes to help give a call i'll come down and give you a hand.
  • Dave_8
    Dave_8 Member Posts: 49

    nice job considering the conditions, or any conditions.
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    All Hail.....


    You've been blessed with the patience of Jobe brother. Did you try turning the sticker around? I think it would have thrown everyone here off the fact that you mounted it upside down. They work either way! Try the sticker thing next time.

    Scott should have some interesting photos to show in the near future. We ain't so worried about cramped space, but had to deal with "only" this much. I think you'll like it. Chris.
  • D lux_2
    D lux_2 Member Posts: 230
  • bob young
    bob young Member Posts: 2,177
    10 # of ^&*( in a 5 # bag

    nice job,Ron. musta been a nitemare.
  • jerryb
    jerryb Member Posts: 113
    The Master of levittown

    Ron,You have to change your monkier to" THE WIZARD" haveing done these jobs in " LEAVEITTOWN" you are truely blessed,You and your partner deserve twice what you guys get,you two working must be" poetry in motion"!!!!Super Job!!!!!!!
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884

    How the &^%* did you get the shelf installed and complete the boiler in one day ??

    You are the Master of the Shoehorn !!!

    Hey any Reporters out there, this is the type of installer who should be in an article. How about it Dan, can we get him in an article for P+M ? Let some other people see this guys work.

    Kevin has a great point, Ron. Talk to your company about the Taco or better yet Grundfos circulaters with the check valve installed. What a space saver for you.

    Ron , you are a Craftsman of the first degree.


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  • David Sutton_3
    David Sutton_3 Member Posts: 160
    Dan, I'm with Scott on this one

    this would make a great storey for P+M mag,...David
  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928
    Alternate Career

    If you ever give up hydronics for any reason investigate electronic circuit board design. It looks like you would be a true "natural"!
  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317

    If Weil M had any marketing sense they would feature your installs in their sales literature, I think that when you and your install partner retire your boss will find it takes anyone else at least twice as long to do one of these installs and it won't look half as good, I hope your sales people aren't getting these jobs because your firm is low bid, this kind of work is worth 3 times a normal install. Great job.
  • Thank you everyone for the responses

    I really do appreciate it . This job was done by me and Sal . He puts the new one together while I rip out the old one and install the plate . We jack the new one up together - 600 lbs. teetering 4 foot off the ground is a little tricky for one guy ( I counted - 79 cranks on the hi-jack ) . Once the new one is in place , I pipe everything above the plate , and Sal connects the pipes below . On a typical install we will have the boiler piped and full with water before 1 pm , but this one was an extreme job .

    The key to it all is practice . Before I worked for Meenan , we installed a few boilers in these houses . We would take them down , but never put em back up . The first time I was in this type of house for Meenan , I was SHOCKED we were gonna put one back up - I had no clue it was even done . But my partner Phil told me they do it all the time , and after a while they are pretty easy to do . That was when we were using the Weil 368 - they fit in there perfect . When they came out with the Gold , there was alot of trial and error - installing the circs on the return , piping the header off the top , fighting for space for the expansion tank . We didn't try using the front tapping for the header for a long time . But it seems to work the best .
    Thanks again everyone .

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