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My First Little Munchkin

Justin Gavin
Justin Gavin Member Posts: 129
I would like to be the first to tell you all I was wrong. I have been involved in the HVAC industry for about 7 years now and I'd say the first 4 were with big steam boilers (Cleaver Brooks, Kewaunee, Etc.) I thought I had a grasp on things and than I slowly started to see the light and became a wannabe wethead. I read and read and read some more about hydronics and tried to get myself up to speed with all that was going on.

The worst of all most of my experience has been in sales and design and most of my knowledge was from manufacturers and the like. I didn't know a forum like this existed and I was happy in my own little world.

I was first indoctrinated to copper-fin and was told that was the best, than it was cast iron, as well as Bent Tubes and Fire Tubes.

I have seen the damage that improper flow rates, thermal shock, and High Delta T's can do to Boilers.

I have worked with alot of boilers and I see good things and bad things in all of them. And I was told many bad things about condensing boilers.

As my head started to spin I decided it was time to lift up the shirt sleeves and get my hands dirty and really find out for myself if the Munchkin is all it is cracked up to be.

I am on a pretty large job and we are installing 3 munchkins throughout different parts of the house. Alot of crazy venting going on. Venting that goes against everything I ever learned or read about. I piped it up and let er roll. Maybe it was luck but I plugged it in, watched her fire up and within 3 minutes I hit my temp and was dumbfounded.

I was really impressed with everything and almost thought I was in a dream. So far so good I never had an install that was so seamless before. Granted most of my experience was on large industrial boilers but to have something work from the get go never seems to happen for me.

Anyways I like what I see so far and have a couple of questions for those seasoned veterans

1. How can the boiler condense when the supply temp is 165 and the return is 145 I would just like a simple to the point explanation. I keep trying to figure it out and I am baffled. Please explain.

2. Can you override the boiler to have it fire in High Fire and low fire to check the CO levels? If not what are the recommended procedures to check and adjust.

3. This boiler is using water from a well that has a high sulfer content should I be concerned or treat the water at all?

4. In all of your professional opinions, is this boiler gonna last past 10 years even with proper maintenance.?

5. Any problems I should be aware of.

Sorry guys for all the questions. I just want an unbiased opinion. So far I like what I see. I can't believe that little light boiler can produce so much so quick.

If everything works out for the best than I can honestly give myself a boot in the **** for all the times I bashed condensing boilers.

Please inform me.

Best Regards,

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