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Wirsbo PrpPanels

James_5 Member Posts: 3
Has anyone had any experience with the Wirsbo Propanels? All my supplier will say is they are very expensive. Do they save that much time as to make them a good pipe design solution? How expensive can they be?


  • DH
    DH Member Posts: 21

    I think that your supplier has not had the opportunity to actually compare them to an actual installation. The panels are factory pressure tested and factory electrical function tested before they leave the factory. There have been many posting on the site that speak of pre-manufactured panels that some of the best Mechanical Contractors have installed. Panels save the amount of time on the project, parasitic losses of material shortages on site, are fully wired, have enclosures to restrict access, offer appliance look and finish, allow for more cash flow(project stage), reduction of down time for troubleshooting wiring issues, etc.

    Have you looked at the Danfoss Panels at all?

    Danfoss also manufacture panels from 30 MBH - 280 MBH range. They also offer extended warranties that will take the program and extend it to 24 months, if you sign up as a ZCP PRO PARTNER. Very few control manufacturers have warranties beyond 12 months. I know that Danfoss often asks the installers their feedback, and have yet to see a response back that did not save them 40%-60% in installation time and 20% - 40% on wiring time.

    You should call Wirsbo about their product and get some answers to your questions.

    You can call your Local Danfoss representive for more information or call Danfoss Calgary @ 1-403-236-9560 directly and they would be more than willing to help you out.

  • Contractor

    Check out Yatesy's (PAH) panel in this month's Contractor Magazine It's made by Watts. www.wattsradiant.com

    Dave sure does nice work.

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  • Mr. Bill
    Mr. Bill Member Posts: 71
    Pre FabPanels

    You post a good question. Wirsbo has just introduced a great line of panels. Danfoss has been at it for some time and if you dig a little deeper you'll find many other companies supplying panels to various degrees of complexity.

    If you consider these products as "a bunch of components in a box" you will certainly find them expensive. If you look a little deeper and have a good understanding of your true cost in putting together your own job these panels could be the bargain of the century.

    You should do yourself a favour,and do a carefull analyses of a previous job you've done. Count the fittings, the waste copper, the wiring, subcontracting costs if any,the trouble shooting, trips to supplier. Add all these costs in.
    Then figure out how long you wereat the Job?

    Now try a panel on the next job,do an accurate cost comparison and than factor in the fact that with time saved on the job you could probably handle another one.

    It 's a worthwhile excercise. Maybe you could share the results with others.

  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,261

    Thanks Gary!

    I'll confess I'm a stubborn cuss when it comes to relinquishing panel design to "outsiders". Pride goeth before a fall, eh?

    The high quality of the Danfoss panels was beaten into my feeble brain by Robert Bean. Even though my head understood the time savings, my heart wanted to keep on building from scratch. You should see the job we did with five of those panels. A 1700's stone farm house (not the post farther down the wall) with a Burnham V8 and an Alliance indirect too. The owners (especially the husband, who is a doctor) take their friends to the basement to show off the system. We also incorporated a built from scratch chilled water system with four zones.

    Haven't yet used the Wirsbo panels (emphasis on the "yet"), but I will.

    We've also used the Watts panels too & their support/interaction has been outstanding. Same goes for Danfoss & Wirsbo. If only all of the products we use were backed up by such service and easy to reach people - life would be almost too easy!

    The pre-built panels are pretty as a picture, perform well, take up less space, are pre-wired and customers like something that has a factory-made look about it.

    We usde em about half the time.

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    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Jamie_6
    Jamie_6 Member Posts: 710
    Wirsbo Pro Panal

    I just took shipment today on two Wirsbo Pro Panals (one 201 & one 311) Man are they nice. Very clean, all the joints are beautiful and there is no exposed wiring. I can not wait to see the reduction in time I will have on this job. I will let you know how the install goes and I will keep track on the man hours for all the near boiler piping. Jamie

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