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buffer tank w/geothermal w/floor radiant

billbill Member Posts: 15
I have a question on where the buffer tank should be piped with a 5 ton geothermal heat pump driving a nine zone floor radiant system. I've done alot of reading and net searching on the subject but haven't been able to find any actual piping suggestions/diagrams.

Right now I'm using two electric HWH's as a buffer tank piped in parallel using the 3/4" outlets to get flow. The primary circuit flows heat pump to tanks and secondary circuit flows from floor radiant to tanks. I want to keep the electrical elements 'cause I use tanks as emergency/backup heat (I wired them to come on based on low leaving earth loop temperature of heat pump). System works well but the primary/secondary loops are not piped like Dan H. has in one of his books (the one diagram I could find but using indirect heater as buffer tank to also get DHW) and series piping of the buffer tank that I've read about. I like the idea of simpler in series piping of the buffer tank but not sure how/where the suppy/return should be piped into the EHWH/heat pump circuit. In one of the ebooklets I recvd several respondents talked about using buffer tanks in series with floor radiant and geothermal heat pumps but no real suggestions on how to pipe ie draw from drain of tank vs draw from hot water outlet.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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