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Take the Teacher to Work

with Paul Lessard & Company in Natick, MA on Thursday September 11. It was a great day installing a Munchkin in a very old home. Mrs Everett the lady whose home we worked in had to part with her old boiler. The H.B. Smith with a Roberts Gordon gas conversion burner(which is now on display in my center)the burner not Mrs Everett or the boiler. Mrs Everett informed us that she is 83 years old. I imagine the old boiler is about the same age. I think the little Munchkin is up to the task and should do fine.

Thanks to Paul and his people for a great day it was fun and a learning experience for all of us. Sorry about leaving those wires disconnected.

The dinner afterwards with the lovely Nadine,Paul and his helper was an added pleasure.

It was a long day and I slept real good. So now who is next to have me come work with them for a day. I am real cheap labor lunch and maybe supper and you got me.


  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Just an aside...

    Hey Timmie, The electrician said he was done,(NOT!!!) and I fired up the Viessman boiler(finally) today.(only took 3 hours to get it wired right).

    For those of you that missed it, the "gas guy" came back to the basement with me a couple a few weeks back.We moved a locomotive(oil fired . no less!) into place and got it started on its way.

    Mr.Milne was there today to take a few photos, and hopefully, they'll be shown in short order.

    I'm sure you'll get to see the end result. For everyone else, GIVE THIS GUY A FEW MINUTES TO TALK TO YOUR GUYS,AND THEY'RE HOOKED!!! The man is a natural teacher.

    If you can't attend the Gas training seminars, keep your eyes open for the sessions Tim holds on HVACTV . Worth the price of admission for any and all. Chris
  • paul lessard_2
    paul lessard_2 Member Posts: 192
    I won't soon forget my day/night with \"Tim the one

    man party mcelwain! I thank you for spending your time with me.and appologies to the mrs. for keeping you so late.

    Yes we learned alot and had a great time what could be better than that?

    Mrs everett was looking for you today .I told her you were married and far to young for her.

    We never relit that w/m I figure she has normal heat now and won't need it. as far as that range gas leak what exactly needs to be greased ? Ive never done such a thing

    I had time this after to check out the content of your books and can't wait to dig in! they will fill some blanks for me for sure!thanks for creating them.I can't wait to bury my wet head into them

    If you work in this field you need these books you can't have this much info in your head,not even close

    I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors and I look forward to some good schooling in RI

    Oh did you find it? ..6in and never used? I'll tell you the story behind it someday.

    Thanks to dan and everyone else who make the wall what it is .
    hey dog.
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    Did you piss Timmie off ? Looks like he's reaching for the gun.(gotta be careful of those guys from Buddies state)

    Glad you got the "learn" . Anyone that can,give Timmie a call. He really does want to work, and will keep up with the youngest of us all, and teach you more than you can absorb in 1 day.I'm not kidding! Chris
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,490

    Write a few columns and put my name on them. I'd really appreciate that! ;-)
    Retired and loving it.
  • Who is that fat

    guy in the photo? I have to stop all these late night dinners look what it has done to me.
  • Paul

    I hope you enjoy the books. Look forward to getting you to my classes someday.

    Tell Mrs. Everett if anything happens to my present happy relationship with Judy I will look her up, she is my kind of lady. I would never be able to keep up with some young chick, she is just my speed.
  • paul lessard_2
    paul lessard_2 Member Posts: 192
    Tim I think you forgot a piece of the burner!

    well what are you waiting for? come and get her(her name it turns out is old bessey)
    I wish they had a bulkhead I wish I had help today
    thanks again Tim
  • Wow, how did you get that out

    of the cellar? In that house it must have been a major project. I would love to see some pictures of the final install. What ever parts I forgot just box them up and ship them to me COD. Just do not send me that boiler!!!! HA HA HA , I hope if Nadine was helping you she had on her steel toe shoes. Send to my office not the center.

    22 Griffith Drive

    Riverside, RI 02915
  • Hey Dan followed your

    suggestion about getting Ric on board for my little project. (Take the Teacher to Work) He is tied up until October on a special project so we will have to put it on hold until then.
  • paul lessard_2
    paul lessard_2 Member Posts: 192
    right there on the photo

    All that cast iron stuff! no really you left nothing but a fond memory. Now that I think of it all them crooked pipes did'nt warrant a photo shoot;+) maybe there's a piece of it on the rip out pictures. Nadine was nice enough to bring the Ice coffee and, it makes me laugh,172 pictures
    Yes it was a little tight at the top of the stairs but I pulled the trigger, cursed my absent helper and crossed my fingers and went
    some guys call someone else to remove boilers for short money but to be honest I kinda like doing it.
  • Dave Meers
    Dave Meers Member Posts: 103

    Paul - Is this Paul Lessard, former Mason-Dixon guitarist? If so, write me at [email protected].

    Rick Thorne (former bone player with M D & the L)
  • Hey who resurrected

    this event???? Paul worked me until the wee hours of the night, I have never recovered.
  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye Member Posts: 221
    Timmie, I'll take you........

    to work. I put Bob Tonner to work once. It was the most cobwebs I have ever seen in a basement. Raiders of the temple of doom kind of thing.

    We have several boiler jobs going natural gas , propane, and oil. Norwich Ct., less than an hour away from you.
  • Thanks Bill, I will be on the road

    for the next month. I will get in touch with you when I return.
  • Bob Boltz
    Bob Boltz Member Posts: 25
    Hand truck

    What type and brand of hand truck are you using.
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