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radiator with no valves?!

Rob Gorbet
Rob Gorbet Member Posts: 6
I am renovating a second floor bathroom. There is a radiator in the room, which I would like to remove in order to make it easier to install the new floor, paint the baseboards, etc.

The radiator is cast iron. As you can see from the photo attached, there appear to be no valves on the inlet or outlet of the radiator. All the other radiators in my home have valves on the inlet (see other attached photo).

Notice also, that the supply lines for the bathroom radiator are copper, while all other lines to other radiators are iron. I checked in the basement, and even the bathroom radiator has iron running up to the bathroom.

This leads me to believe that the radiator shut-offs (if there are any) are inside the bathroom floor. Why they would want to have done that is beyond me.

My question is this: is there a way, and how hard is it, to cut off the supply to the entire radiator system, at the boiler. Similar, I suppose, to shutting off a local check valve to replace a washer, or shutting off the whole house. And a secondary question: if this is possible, will it help?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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