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Burnham Baseray baseboard

has been out of production for many years now and as far as I am aware, there is none available anywhere. Most of what was left was sold to a distributor in NYC and I know that they no longer have any.

Another option would be to relocate pieces you already have to supplement or match what you have and to use the 9A BaseRay in the remaining areas. Hope this helps.

Glenn Stanton

Manager of Training

Burnham Hydronics


  • Jeannie Crumbling
    Jeannie Crumbling Member Posts: 2
    Burnham Baseray baseboard

    I have a question and I hope your site can help. We have Burnham Baseray radiant baseboard heating in our home. We recently did some remodeling and now we need more. However, the Baseray baseboard that Burnham now manufactures is 9 7/8" high, but we need the size they use to manufacture, approx 6 1/2" high (our home was built in 1953). Our heating contractor suggested we contact this site, as they have not been able to locate any. Does anyone have these units or know of anyone who does ? Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • John@Reliable_4
    [email protected]_4 Member Posts: 101
    What state are you in?

  • Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson Member Posts: 1
    Burnham 6\"

    You would be looking to purchase some used radiator sections. You will need to
    figure out the lengths you need as well as the ends (sections with legs and pipe
    threaded openings). If you are in the east or midwest near a large city there is a
    chance that you might find what you need in salvage shops. You would also need to
    fabricate some end and corner caps.

    If the need is in a separate room, perhaps you can use the 9" baseray instead. I have
    9" Weil-McLain in my family room and it is not as nice looking as the Burnham.
  • Jeannie Crumbling
    Jeannie Crumbling Member Posts: 2
    Burnham Baseray baseboard

    I live in York, Pennsylvania.
  • tsouza
    tsouza Member Posts: 2
    I have burnham baseray (1950's) to sell !!

    Dear Jeannie,

    I just noticed your post on I believe I have the exact baseboard you are looking for. I have a 8 ft length of baseray cast-iron baseboard, 6-1/2 inches high (this consists of 4 joined sections), and I have both original endcaps!! It is in excellent shape, fine working order, and I removed it from my house myself last year when I had a new heating system installed. My house was built in 1946. I am eager to sell it, and I have been told that it is a rare item. I live in Massachusetts. Let me know if you are interested.


    Tim Souza ([email protected])

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