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Need info. or advice

We're building a home that we will eventually have oil fired radient heat with indirectHW. At this point we'll be heating it this winter with wood again.
We feel that we should get and use an elect.SS DHWH for the time being and later it can be converted to a buffer tank. Our son has a welding buisness so making the required alterations to the tank won't be to much of a hassel.
Our ? is are there any other manufacturers out there that make such heaters because the only one I could get any info. from was Heat Transfer Products Inc.
There is only the wife and I so a 30gal.heater would probably do the trick for now.
TIA for any info. and advice.


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,844
    Not sure why

    you would need to have a stainless tank for a buffer? I imagine your eventual oil fired unit will be iron or other ferrous metal? The only reason for stainless would be the use of non barrier pex tubing in the system, and all other non ferrous components, including the boiler.

    Plenty of choices in glass lined steel tanks out there, and generally 40 gallon tanks cost less than 30 gallon due to popularity.

    Nothing against Heat Transfer, they make creative, and high quality products. I wouldn't see a reason not to go with their product if stainless is, as Regis questioned, "your final answer."

    hot rod
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Steve Bergstrom
    Steve Bergstrom Member Posts: 19
    SS tanks

    Hot Rod thanks for the reply.
    My comcern with a regular tank is how do yea deal with the glass lining if I should want to make larger opens if I ever want to install exchangers.
    As I said. I'm looking info. and advise.
    Thanks Steve
  • Murph'_4
    Murph'_4 Member Posts: 209
    probaly harder

    to weld stainless in the field than to just use a secondary exchanger. some of the manufactors cannot even weld the stailess properly, (more on that later)or could use the forty gal side for the bufferand the coil for the domestic and temper it back down. hmmmmm


    (not saying anything wrong with htp or your son, just griping about the ss tank)
  • Steve Bergstrom
    Steve Bergstrom Member Posts: 19
    SS tank

    Thanks Murph.I was thinking about using the coils to heat the ice melt zone in the stairs and small CC walk way.
    I'm not to old to take care of the snow ,slush but salting and chiping ice makes a mess of surface underneath it.
    I do like your idea of using a coil in the tank as a tankless for DHW though. We have a tankless boiler in this house and it works fine in the winter.but we;ve used about 150 gal of oil this summer so far.As Hot Rod suggested, A larger tank might be the way to go.Then use it summer and winter using differant coils if it would comply with the codes.
    More info and advice please. Thanks again Steve
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