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Virus Intrusion

A few days ago I started getting alerts from Norton Internet Security of attempts to access a Windows service (svchost.exe) from the OUTSIDE. It has increased GREATLY in frequency since.

Its recommended action is to "allow" but since it was coming at a time when NOTHING should have been making a request FROM my computer I have continually blocked it.

I think this has something to do with one of these new worms trying to find systems that are already infected...and perhaps taking some kind of action that WON'T be good!

Microsoft and the vulnerabilities in Windows caused mainly it seems by paranoia, arrogance and greed, are REALLY starting to pi$$ me off.

The link to that essay posted here a few weeks ago made a VERY good case that there is PLENTY of money to be made by selling and producing good APPLICATIONS but making the operating system PUBLIC!!!

I think MUCH of the virus/worm problem comes from programmers REALLY mad at Microsoft and the way they design operating systems to work BEST and WANT to work ONLY with Microsoft applications. For programmers to get their applications to work as nicely as Microsoft they have to "reverse engineer" things and, in the process, they discover vulnerabilities. Since they're ticked off at having to spend all that effort to do something that they think should be "public" anyway they write worms and viruses out of some crazy "backwards" attempt to destroy Microsoft...


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,710
    I've read

    that these people write Microsoft-only viruses because Microsoft made it so easy to do so. By concentrating on "bells and whistles" rather than security, they've left their software wide open and now have to plug each hold when it's found.

    I've said it before but it's true- we have a choice here. Do we put up with Microsoft's patch of the day, or use someone else's more-secure software?

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