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How does it work?

Vettefan Member Posts: 1
Theres a large unit outside my office that sounds like a waterfall.

Coworker says its the cooling system, and it acts like a cooling tower at a nuk plant.

How do units like this cool a building?

Why don't home use them?


  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson Member Posts: 40

    The device is a cooling tower or evaporative condenser. That is where the heat absorbed by the air conditioning system is rejected.

  • Al Letellier
    Al Letellier Member Posts: 781
    cooling towers

    Some home do use them, but on a smaller scale and the principal is the same. They call them "swamp coolers" in the southwest. Air is blowm through the water, giving off heat to the atmosphere....

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  • In greenhouses

    too for cooling; they use aspen pads in front of a fan. As water evaporates, it absorbes heat.

    Farmers use it in reverse as well. I used to work on a pear orchard in Medford, OR. They turned on the overhead sprinklers when the temperatures dropped close to freezing. As the sprinkler water froze, it released heat and protected the trees from low temperatures.

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  • chris smith_3
    chris smith_3 Member Posts: 6

    the cooling tower you describe is probubly used in conjuntion with another machine/machines located inside your building the water in the tower is used to condense a refridgerant in a centrifical chiller generally some type of freon, or in the case of an absorber is condenses water vapor inside the unit, in some newer instalations [this is rare] it is used in conjuntion with heat pump system to provide/maintain a constant water loop temp which is what thease require

    chris smith
    porter maine
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