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Buderus G124X (HTG ERR)

a Colorado installation that I did in 1999. The homeowner called me this morning with no hot water.

The Ecomatic Burner relay test opens the vent damper but the boiler will not fire.

How can I determine if the automatic ignition is faulty over the phone?



  • Dennis Bellanti
    Dennis Bellanti Member Posts: 6

    Start by shutting off the power to the system. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on. That will reset the ecomatic.
    If the boiler does not fire, place a jumper between the T and TV terminals on the Honeywell aquastat. If the boiler then fires, the problem is outside of the boiler (probably something in the ecomatic or low water cut-off). If the boiler does not fire the problem lies within the boiler. First thing to check would be the resetable blocked vent switch on the draft hood. If it goes any deeper than that have him call Mark Etherton (303)778-7772.
  • Dennis Bellanti
    Dennis Bellanti Member Posts: 6

    If the vent damper opens it means everything outside the boiler is O.K. Have him try the reset button on the spill switch. After that he can look at the flame roll-out switch - lower left corner below the burner tray. Is the fuse blown??? If not the power then goes to the ignition module and then to the gas valve.
  • damper opens

    Hello Dennis.

    Isn't the spill switch / flame rollout switch / flue switch all connected to the same control circuit as the T and the TV on the Honeywell Aquastat?

    If so then the damper motor would not be opening. I could be wrong but I suspect it's the ignition module. I'll check back later.

    How is the Bellanti Bros. Midget Racing team doing this year? Did you get Ferguson to sponsor you're team?
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