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advice please

Gary Usa
Gary Usa Member Posts: 40
hiya guys was wondering if you would be so kind to help me with the following.
The subject of PH levels,well as we don;t test the PH level in the heating system what would you consider to be a good PH level.I was under the impression that PH goes from 1-14 and 7 being neutral.

Is this correct my friends,thanks and would as always be very grateful on any help with this.

hope all of you are keeping well and starting to enjoy the warmer weather,

all the best

gary uk


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,790
    A range of ph

    will depend to some extent on what type of fluid is in the system. Water can vary from location to location, of course. Usually plain ole tap water will be in the low to mid 7 range. It would be nice to be in the 8's but it may take a cleaner or inhibitor to get you yhere. Generally after a TSP flush you will end up in the 8 range. Same with hydronic cleaners. Just as a swimming pool application, dropping below 7 will start to attack the various metals, even stainless.

    Adding corrosion inhibitors is another way to adjust. Considering the O2 scavanger, ph buffers and film providers they are worth the time and expense, in my opinion. Check with manufactures for their recommendations with additives. I believe you have access to Fernox products over their. They make a fine selection of treatments. I imagine support would be easy to come by as they are made in your back yard :)

    Glycols, depending on PG or EG will run 9-10. Stay closer to 9 with aluminum or copper components. Below 7 some glycol manufactures will advise a dump, flush, and refill. Although additivies may bring it back to a safe level, Depends a bit on how it was maintained and how it looks and smells. You will not soon forget the smell of "cooked glycol"

    PH and TDS are good numbers to be watching, regardless of the fluid. Simple inexpensive stick meters are available for field testing. Or a sample to a treatment lab will provide more variety of tests.

    Nice to hear from you again. Hope you are getting along well.

    hot rod

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  • Gary Usa
    Gary Usa Member Posts: 40

    many thanks for the info my friend,hope that you are keeping well,please would you be so kind to explain the Eg & pg

    Fernox is indeed near to me,I have always used an inhibitor with in a system,after i worked on a hydronice system or installed one,gave it a minimum of 2 hot flushes,even on an old one.I know it wasn;t a good idea to change to water to often,but alot of systems here are the old open systems so we all know what their like for sucking in air,once that O2 got in it was sluge city,had to take off every radiator took them out side flushed them out,the only trouble was with some very old systems was not to use too many chemicals otherwise i ended up with more problems than the beginning,then their was green spot the petina,still we all know the different senarios that come along with the old gravity system,so by keeping a system around 7 ish,and with glycol in the system stay around 9.

    their were speacial products that i always used when putting in a boiler with an aluminium heat exchanger,

    many thanks as always,and please take care

    all the best

    gary uk
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