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sooted sections

New customer has a 270,000in standing pilot,Utica, hw boiler that was sooted up. No model# unit aprox 10yrs.old. It vents into aprox.30'vert.mason clay lined chiminey on outside wall vent come directly off unit 6"single wall 2' vertical with 90*elbow(only counted elbow as TEL 1') then 2' lateral to chiminey,no draft -hood.Gas pressure was adjusted/corrected from 2.5" to 3.5" was rolling out high heat at burner section b-4 and after adj. Cleaned sections and rechecked no rollout of heat. This boiler was oversized for this application and I belive some at some point tried to derate. I realize the stack is too small and have to take corrective action. NFGC book states(and it's probablly less because of the elbow TEL under estimation)196,000btu max- if I were to change the single wall to B-vent it shows 198,000 (is this correct?)If I add a draft hood will it increase the capacity of the chiminey by introducing air with the flue gases or decrease the capacity, I don't understand the principle or reasons for draft hoods I noticed some boilers come with them some don't When if ever is it manditory?


  • mitch moore
    mitch moore Member Posts: 32

    the flue pipe is 8" off the boiler and the clay lined mason chiminey is 6"
  • peter desens
    peter desens Member Posts: 41
    Factory help


    Please feel free to contact our Technical Support team at 1-800-325-5479 for assistance in this matter.

    Peter Desens
    Technical Services Manager
    ECR International - Utica Boilers
  • mitch moore
    mitch moore Member Posts: 32

    Peter thanks for the response. Much appreciated.
  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    No draft hood?

    I wonder, sometimes the draft hood or diverter is hidded behind the boiler, standing pilot needs a draft hood, a standing pilot conversion burner needs a barometric. I think you need to line the chimney but I would take some flue temp readings and clock the gas meter to see what the input really is.
  • mitch moore
    mitch moore Member Posts: 32
    No draft hood

    It takes air from a built in diverter behind the front panel of the boiler.Did not take the stack temp or gauge the draft.The chimney is already lined with clay.
  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    The diverter

    The diverter you speak of is that manufacturers draft hood. DO NOT add another one or you'll really have a problem. Sadly I see this done on a fairly regular basis and the extra dillution air get the stack temp way too low and can spill flue products.
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