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Boiler Question

J. Sims
J. Sims Member Posts: 1
We need to replace a boiler and have space and design limitations too detailed for this message. We've looked around and came across something called "boiler in a box" that is built to the specifications of the homeowner. If you guys don't know anything about it, its an idea that we'll toss in the pile of non options. I appreciate your response.


  • Al Letellier
    Al Letellier Member Posts: 781
    boiler in a box`

    If your talking about what I think you are, the "boiler in a box" term refers to pre-packaged boilers and add on parts and controls that are pre-package to just "bolt" on and go. Viessmann does this with their mixing valves for radiant heat that come all assembled and ready to mount on the boiler and pre-wired to just plug into the control and away you go....Hope this helps.

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  • MikeB34
    MikeB34 Member Posts: 155
    Quantum 90

    You didn't state your size limitations, but ECR international (Dunkirk boiler division) make a cast aluminum high efficiency conddesing boiler that is only39.5" high x 28" wide x 19.75" deep. sizes from 50 -100 MBTU/h. CPVC venting. can be multi zoned. up to 100' of vent with 4 ells. 90+% efficient. Nice and easy to service and install. Weighs only 220 lbs. You can check it out at click on the Dunkirk icon. Slick little unit.
  • P.Popiel
    P.Popiel Member Posts: 2
    Boiler sizing

    I would like to know how to determine to sq ft of iron steam fin tubing 5" x 2 3/4" 1 1/4" iron tube 40 fins per ft. Total of 8 sections 10'8" per section
    This is the last step in determining the connected load on the boiler. No manufacture name found.
  • munchkin-man
    munchkin-man Member Posts: 247
    Munchkin is small and in a box an abs box

    See go to Munchkin and all the specs are available. It is 92% and fully modulating.
  • Josh M.
    Josh M. Member Posts: 360

    Ya if you are looking for a small boiler I am with Jeff the munchkin is an awesome boiler.
  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Member Posts: 115

    I think I'd stay away from the Dunkirk Q series boilers. I was kinda leary of a aluminum heat exchanger because all I could think about was Chevy Vega's. Besides a lot of ignitor problems, plastic induced blowers that went bad after a year, we removed about a half pound of aluminum chips from inside one unit that was having intermittant lockout problems. It was clogging condensate lines and closing the press. switch. Was told from the factory that this is typical of a 20 year boiler. Could this be the next Glow Core?

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