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My Pickup

John R. Hall
John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
'95 Aerostar. Only owner, 121,000 miles and still fit as a fiddle.


  • My Pickup

    needed service, so I had to bring the family car in to work. Funny..........everybody asked for raises.


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  • tombig
    tombig Member Posts: 291
    Sales Call Car

    If you drove that on sales calls everyone would think you were over charging them when you pulled into the drive!
  • Tony_8
    Tony_8 Member Posts: 608
    sure beats

    my family car, a 95 caravan w/ 166k ! New tranny though, can't trade yet !!! Gonna get my money's worth :)
  • steve gates
    steve gates Member Posts: 329
    I gotta

    keep up with that? I use a 72 Buick Skylark. Big trunk.
  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    You Know.......

    I pick up on this thought often from guys here on The Wall. The thought being that the customer will be put off by someone showing up to quote them some work in a nice or "fancy" vehicle. I have found this to be backwards logic. More often, I hear comments like, "That's a nice truck you're driving there" or "Wow, I like your truck, the last guy that showed up was driving a ________ that looked like it would hardly get down the road".

    Example: I went to the home of a retired woman and her daughter for a service call. During the course of the call and chatting with them while they watched the daughter made the comment that two other guys had been there before me. One of the things she said was that upon seeing me pull up in the drive, she commented to her mom that "At least this one drives a nice truck." "One showed up in an old beat up car and the other had a rusty van. Neither one of them looked like they knew what they were doing."

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression!!!
    Think about it!!!!
  • Art Pittaway
    Art Pittaway Member Posts: 230
    The Rolls would be just right

    with a sign on the side that said,"We do it RIGHT the FIRST time. XXXXXXX Plumbing & Heating" ;-)

    Mark, forgot the smiley face the first time ;0
  • I think there's a difference

    between a nice, clean, well-maintained vehicle and a high-end luxury vehicle.

    I think there is also an expectation about what seems "natural" for someone in a trade to be driving. For example, driving up in a 3/4 ton 4wd Suburban LT might seem quite appropriate, while driving up in a BMW might (subconsciously) prompt the customer to think "I wonder if he really knows what he's doing or is just a salesman". Even though the 'burban might cost as much as the beamer.

  • So perhaps

    I should have hired the owner (the real one, that is) to be my salesman. He was an older man, drove down from Vallejo to have lunch in Oakland.

    I was talking to him about his car; he said I shouldn't refer to it as a car, "it's an au•to•mo•bile", a 1966 Silver Cloud.

    What a chick magnet; I mean, an attraction for the ladies.

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  • jackchips_2
    jackchips_2 Member Posts: 1,338
    In doing the

    renovations for our Church kitchen, the salesman drove up in a 2003 Mercedes. The pastor and I commented, almost together, "successful guy".

    We bought $22,500.00 worth of commercial kitchen appliances from him. Obviously, not just because of the car-he was everything the car represented.
  • Jim_22
    Jim_22 Member Posts: 53

    I got ya there! I have a 90 Caravan with 178K and I'm on my third transmission! Got a LONG way to go to get my moneys worth out of this!!!
  • Bill NTSG
    Bill NTSG Member Posts: 321
    Ever watch?

    The money pit?

    "Quick, write me a check for $5,000. before I change my mind. And where is that drink?"
  • David Sutton_3
    David Sutton_3 Member Posts: 160

  • David Sutton_3
    David Sutton_3 Member Posts: 160
    meet pepi, the pick up

    this is my little pepi shes a good truck, loves the mud.
  • David Sutton_3
    David Sutton_3 Member Posts: 160

  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Too bad

    Viessmann doesn't make cars!!!


    It's a joke! Not serious!!!!


    Sold a Vitodens today!

    I'll let you know how I like it.

    Mark H

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  • Ben_3
    Ben_3 Member Posts: 71
    The Money Pit

    I love that movie, and I believe that plumber was driving a Caddy.
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