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Tankless water heater vs indirect water water heater/tank

chuck shaw
chuck shaw Member Posts: 584
reccomend a tankless water heater, I just havent had good luck with them. The newer gas models may be better than the ones I have seen in the past. If you already have a Buderus boiler you are 90% of the way to a great system. Get a 40 gallon Buderus indirect, and you will never run out of hot water.



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  • Gary Weston
    Gary Weston Member Posts: 4
    Tankless water heater vs indirect water water heater/tank

    Here I go again.. the answer to my previous question about venting was sooo darn helpful in helping me understand all this, that I just had to throw another one out.

    Ok.. take this equipment

    Buderus G115-28 boiler w/r2107 controller
    Riello BF5 balanced flu burner
    Some brand of baseboard..

    The house is smallish at around 1200sq feet with two occupants. Maybe 1 child down the road, definitely not more than 2. House has 2 bedrooms effectively. Third room is study/computer room.

    The choice.. a tankless hotwater system without storage tank, or an indirect water heater, such as a 40 gallon Superstor Contender. Any suggestions on which would be better to go with? I would think the tankless system would provide enough hot water for 2-3 occupants, but I have some concerns. Some people say the tankless systems can get a bit finicky during the winter months when the incoming water temperature is much lower. Looking for something practical and efficient. I'm all ears :)

    Thanks again.
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    I would concurr...

    as you already know Buderus does not have a tankless w/ their boilers. get a good brand of indirect...superstor.phase 3,buderus and start saving $ right away...kpc
  • Gary Weston
    Gary Weston Member Posts: 4

    Sounds good thanks. I wasn't sure the Buderus had a tankless or not.. couldn't find any reference to it, so now I know why.

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