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Recommendations for boiler/DHW heater?

David Meiland
David Meiland Member Posts: 12
I'm planning on installing a new hot water heating system this fall and would like opinions on the best boiler to use. Ideally I'd like to remove the existing tank water heater, which is located in a terrible spot, and have the new boiler heat the DHW too. The house is in western Washington in a moderate climate. It's one story, about 1200SF, wood framed over a 36" crawl, decent-sized attic under a 6:12 roof, insulated everywhere, has semi-decent insulated glass. Fuel is propane (or #2 diesel if you want to go that route). Based on my unwillingness to crawl around for a week installing tubing, I was thinking of panel radiators. I have not had a heat loss done but will. There are a few options for locating the boiler and board. I have seen info on the Baxi and Triangle Tube models, but am not yet aware of others. I've seen several on-demand hot water heaters and really like the idea of not storing hot water. Propane is relatively expensive and up-front investment in efficiency is probably a good idea. Service for anything complicated will be hard to get in this location, and my spouse is generally intolerant of the heat going out. My hound dog would totally dig a radiator to lie near during the night.

So, with some or all of that in mind, what are the good boiler choices? All comments appreciated!


  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542
    More importantly than the type...

    is the installer. Some people have never heard of Baxi Luna (ME included), and I wouldn't want to sell you something I had no experience with.

    Before you decide to buy, remember that you and your system will be intimatley married to whom so ever installs it. Make sure you are comfortable with them before you make the decision to buy. Equipment is just eqipment. It's the installation that counts.

    As for good dealers, look for someone installing either Buderus or Viessmann on the top Euro end, and look for someone installing Burnham, Slantfin or Weil McLain on the American non condensing end (although W/Mc does have a new condensor).

    Bottom line, it depends on your wants, needs and the building compatability.

  • Ted_5
    Ted_5 Member Posts: 272
    Viessmann Vitodens

    is 94.2% efficiant. Doesn,t get much better than that.
    The rep. out there is Bob Marshal # 775-849-0725

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