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Tekmar 063 and slab sensor HELP!

bruce pirger
bruce pirger Member Posts: 111
Thanls paul. Yes, the 363 is in reset mode, the 063 is NOT ignoring the air sensor. It has an internal sensor which is being used and also connections for three "external" sensors. The slab is connected to external sensor 3. In the 063 menu, I step through until I get to the third sensor. According to the manual, or my understanding of it, for the third sensor I should be able to select NONE, AIR, or SLAB. I do not see the slab option. I do set it to AIR..but then I do not see any reporting of what the slab sensor is...neither on the 063 or 363.

I'd agree, it seems like something is "set" wrong and effectively disabling the option...but I can
t see what....

Still looking...

PS---> The Buderus G115/21 is running great! I think this is a nice combination. Thanks for all the help!


  • bruce pirger
    bruce pirger Member Posts: 111
    Tekmar 063 and slab sensor

    I am running a 363 with an 063. The link between the two is just fine. I am trying to install my slab sensor to the 063...to the "sensor 3" position...exactly as described. The sensor itself works fine when testing with my ohm meter.

    When I try to work with the 063 and enable the slab sensor, I expect to have three option with sensor 3...NONE, AIR, or SLAB.

    I do NOT see the SLAB option.

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong? I have advanced privelge set.

    Otherwise, things seem to be running well!

  • Paul Rohrs
    Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357

    I went to Tekmars' web site and did a fly by on the 063 when hooked up to the 363. Terminals 3 & 5 are correct, and it also states that the air sensor option, when turned "off" will be ignored. Check that, and also is the 363 in "Reset Mode" or "Setpoint Mode"? It should be in reset.

  • Paul Rohrs_2
    Paul Rohrs_2 Member Posts: 171


    Hang in there, we can get this thing yet. Go back to the 363 and make sure the DIP switch is unlocked and the access level is in "advanced". I read that the 063 is polarity sensitive and it could cause problems. Try reversing the wires on 3 & 5 terminals on the 063. Please note any text that the controller is telling you as it pertains to "open sensor" or anything else as it calls for heat.

    In the programming menu, the 8th item in the "View Menu" should tell you if your RTU is going to use its air sensor. This is the default setting.

    Please note is the DIP switch on "Reset-Ratio" or "Characterized Heating Curve"?

    Let me know,

  • bruce pirger
    bruce pirger Member Posts: 111

    Paul....Figured it out today!

    In the 363, the MIX MIN setting has to be set to OFF for the 063 to allow for a slab sensor on the 3rd remote input. Soon as I changed this option in the 363, the 063 gave me the option for the slab sensor.

    Without the MIX MIN being set OFF, the 363 does NOT run in constant circulation. It turns on the P1 and P2 pumps as needed...based on the air sensor from the 063.

    I didn't understand why pumps were not always on...even with the mix demand wired high, if the ROOM TARGET was met, the pumps were off. But as soon as I switched the MIN MIX to off...it runs off the slab temperature I believe.

    Must say....I'm most impressed with Tekmar.

    Can't wait until winter to lie on my warm floors!

    Thanks again!
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