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Booster pump?

Mike Kraft
Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406
Have you touched the coil piping @ the toe kick's while the heating zone is circulating?If so do they get hot?What brand are they?Some manufacturer's have on/off swicthing on the front of them.While others require several scenerios for wiring.Has the air been thouroghly vented from the fan coil's?

The piping is key.You say they are piped in series.If by this you mean that the existing baseboard piping was simply looped from and through one to the other ............this would be bad.As the two previous post's suggest a mono-flow tee system is what would be needed.



  • Bob Larson
    Bob Larson Member Posts: 11
    Booster Pump

    In a 35 year old house with baseboards on a one-pipe system, we remodeled the kitchen, and replaced the old steel/alum fin baseboard with 2 small kickspace fan coil units. My tech piped them in series. We're not getting any flow through them, so I figure the best answer is to add a little recirc pump to force the issue. It'll be easier to install in the return than in the supply. My question is, will that make any difference? Or is there a better solution?
  • John@Reliable_2
    John@Reliable_2 Member Posts: 104
    Did he use mono-flow fittings?

    Bob, The best thing to do I think, remove from old system and repipe as a new zone off boiler with it's own pump flo-check and thermostat. Sometimes doing what you did can cause problems system wide. John@Reliable
  • Jackchips
    Jackchips Member Posts: 344
    You could

    have reconnected the supply and return lines together after removing the baseboard. At the same time you can install monoflow tees, separately for each space heater. I would also include valves on the s & r to each kick space heater for isolation in case of future service.

    Just one suggestion.
  • Bob Larson
    Bob Larson Member Posts: 11
    Thanks, John, Jack & Mike

    The kitchen is in the corner of the house over a finished basement, and the boiler room is on the other end of the house, so I'm stuck using the existing s & r from the old baseboard.

    I like the idea of connecting the old s & r, then using monoflo tees for the kickspace units. But the subfloor is on and the cabinets are in my way. I wish I would have asked for advice here before rough-in.

    I installed the circ pump this afternoon, and everything seems to be working just fine now. The electrician wired the kickspace units from the boiler controls, so the pump only comes on when the boiler is running.

    Thanks again.
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