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Hotel Fire

Rookie Member Posts: 175
Our company recently ran into a situation that I need some advice on. A local hotel burned down back in December of 2000. This hotel we had done some plumbing and oil burner service work about nine months previous. The insurance inspector determined the fire started in the boiler room off a combo boiler vent where it went into the chimney, they say the flue gas built up in the chimney chase and started a fire. We are being named in a lawsuit for 5 million dollars.In the findings they listed that the chimney was not sized suffiently to handle the load off the boilers and pool heater attached to it. Our responsibily in this was that we performed clean and services on the boilers in question. Anyone with advice or experence in this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jim Kelleher


  • joel_4
    joel_4 Member Posts: 42

    I can't help you with that but find the firedragon, George Lanthier he does consulting for things like that. thank you for posting this it shoes how we must all be very carefull with what we deal with, even if we didn't create the problem if we touch it the lawyers try to make us own it. My big thing Ithink about is daycare centers. most of these do not get thier air systems maintaned properly and do not have the required amount of fresh air. Imagine if the flue or SARS was in one of those all the kids would have it and you know who'd get sued.
  • Bryan_5
    Bryan_5 Member Posts: 270

    I want to give you a strong piece of advice. Do not discuss your lawsuit on the wall. Do not go into any details. Ask general questions maybe. You never know who may be reading your posts and you dont want to say something that could be held against you in court. Get a good lawyer and stay in contact with your insurance company. Sorry to hear about the lawsuit stay strong and you will get through it.
  • Aidan (UK)
    Aidan (UK) Member Posts: 290

    Flue gases (usually incombustible) built up in a chimney (usually fairly fire resistant) and started a fire?

    The logic sounds a little tenuous to me, but we don't have all the details. The insurance inspector should know what he's on about. Could it have been soot from an old solid fuel appliance and the chimney wasn't lined? You need another opinion, I think. Good luck with it.
  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    Jim, There is one man that you must contact.....................

    Jim Davis of N.C.I. - he is an expert in this area of our trade and I believe he is called as an expert witness. Email me for his phone number Mad Dog

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  • Patrick Kozak_2
    Patrick Kozak_2 Member Posts: 23
    Lawyers look in Cyberspace

    Jim, Bryan's advice is right on target. Don't discuss your legal problems with anyone other than your insurance carrier's attorney and your own personal attorney. The new breed of voracious plaintiff's attorneys are well trained in doing internet searchs for any scrap of evidence to use in their litigation. Just a warning from a semi-retired tax attorney. Hopefully the insurance carriers can get together and work out a settlement without going through a trial because everyone loses in that process.
    Patrick Kozak
  • steve_6
    steve_6 Member Posts: 243
    fire investigation

    jim, most insurance companies have fire investigators on their payroll. Get them involved. Also note that most fire department fire investigators don,t investigate many fires unless they work in a bigger city. therefore they are not very experienced. good luck steve
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