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Who can install a Vitodens 200?

LD Member Posts: 26
Joel,you got my situation absolutely right.
Eventhough I would be willing to pay for the Viessmann equipment upgrade, the builder won't want to veer off their usual path (cheapest install available).

Now I'm starting to understand why some heating contractors (or other trades as well) keep complaining that there's no money to be made in non-custom new construction. People are simply too driven by price alone.


  • LD
    LD Member Posts: 26
    Who can install a Vitodens 200?

    This is related to another post I entered earlier but more specific.

    If I specify a Vitodens 200 for my new house, would I be setting myself up for disaster if the contractor never installed a Vito 200 before? Locally NO spec homes would have condensing boilers. I probably cannot get the spec home contractor to change his heating contractor at this point.

    Does anything special need to be considered in the piping/mixing etc to ensure the unit condenses properly?
    From my reading, it appears we need a neutralizing drain too.

    I assume the contractor can figure out the proper venting.

    Thank You
  • Mike Kraft
    Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406


    read my response to you previous post please:)

  • LD
    LD Member Posts: 26
    Contractor for Vitodens

    I would select my own heating contractor if I were building a custom home. Unfortunately this is a spec house where I just want to make a few changes while I can.

    Obviously I don't want to drive up costs too high so I would rather not have to tell the builder to go out and find a different heating contractor than his previous 30 homes. It's a hot market, he might not agree at all.

    Just wondering if the 'average' heating contractor can install a Vitodens 200 or does it REQUIRE a whole set of new skills/experience.

  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,656

    The Vitodens is a much different appliance than any other boiler made. Ideally,the installing contractor should be well versed in Viessmann technology and have prior Viessmann control and boiler experience. Flow rates need to be calculated to determine header sizing. This boiler is not for "newbies", but with proper training, is rather easy to install. It has very extensive instructions, which some don't read no matter what boiler. This could be rather dicey for the homeowner.

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  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    DO NOT

    let ANYONE unfamiliar with this boiler near it!!! I make the same suggestion for anyone thinking of ANY modulating/condensing boiler!!

    Your builder is most likely installing hot air systems and has a heating contractor that does just that, hot air.

    I doubt the builder will allow this anyway, and even if he did get you a price it would be so high that you would drop the idea.

    Mark H

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  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    You know........

    It really p****s me off when I hear a home buyer say. "The builder won't let me change.........".

    Just whose money is being spent here anyhow? You prospective HO's need to be more assertive with the general carpenter. JMHO
  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    Is your home...

    going to be hydronic? If it is, your builder is already ahead of the curve and the jump may be managable. If not, you are pushing elephants uphill.

    When it comes to the Vitodens, if I can get it, it's certainly not complicated. It's just different, as Paul said, from everything else on the market. The venting requirements are not an issue as long as you use Viessmann venting, which is the only thing you can use on the Vitodens.

    Piping the Vitodens is also different due to the Low Loss Header Viessmann incorporates in to it's piping schemes and while not mandatory, I would recommend it for any system that does not have a consistent, unvarying flow rate through the system.


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    The Radiant Whisperer

    "The laws of physics will outweigh the laws of ecomomics every time."
  • Patrick Kozak_2
    Patrick Kozak_2 Member Posts: 23
    General Contractors and their Scortched Air Friends

    Steve, I'm in the planning stage of building a new home. I have already told the 3 GC's bidding on the project to accept my choice of heating system(radiant using Viessmann technology)or drop out of the bidding process. I intend to screen the hvac sub to insure he is Viessmann qualified. Even though this is only a semi-custom home it is my money flowing into their pocket so i feel that they should not stand in the way of what the customer wants. Unless my desires would result in a home the falls down in a light wind.
  • joel_14
    joel_14 Member Posts: 116

    You can probably find a contractor here BUT, the big problem is this is a spec home not a custom home. In my area (metro west mass) If it is a spec house you get just that a spec house. Heat and A/c is decided by the biulder ahead of time. They always go with the cheapest guy they can get, and here a spec house can be 750k- 1 million dollars. You don't get to pick ,which is why the best contractors refuse to do spec and only do custom. you want a Viessmann specialist no one else. Hope you can work it out but i doubt it. Around here you say your walking if you don't get that and biulders just say "next in line please" They don't want to rock the boat they are used to a price "per square foot" and don't understand why a goood hvac contractor can't do it that way. They don't want anything that will require any extra thought unless it's related to fancy trim work.
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