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Does Timmie Mcelwain come to LI for training seminars?

J.C.A. Member Posts: 349
NEVER sell yourself short !!!! You have taken a devout "oil guy" and given him enough in a few meetings and classes to propell him to a better "tech" than more folks who have been guessing at this game .

I try to tell everyone about your Training Center, and hear the same thing alot of the time , ...Who's got time for training?
I'll tell YOU who has time for training . ANYONE who wants to get ahead in this business. If they are satisfied with the "status quo" they better be watching their tail ! I was an oil guy and have turned my thoughts to "going for the gold" . We (us oil guys) already learned quite a bit more than most on combustion , and the learning curve has been sharply reduced as to the hows and whys.

You will prevail ! You own a wealth of knowledge and the patience to teach it .I call that GOLD . I think the real "techs" will be seeking you . See you next week .(as long as Milne has made arrangements) Chris


  • gary_4
    gary_4 Member Posts: 2

    Just wanted to know if Mr McElwain ever came to Long Island to teach his gas classes?
  • I will come if

    someone wants to sponsor me. As it is right now business has been very slow and very little work. I find interest in what I do to be disappearing. It is difficult to compete with all the other training going on. I need a sponsor in order to be able to go outside my training center for classes. Just a matter of finances.
  • Hey Gary Glenn Stanton

    in a post above is going to be in Long Island only $40 can not beat that price. My seminars are $175 each. Real tough to compete with that.

    Glenn does a great job catch his seminars. I am going to have him at my center on May 15 all day. He will be doing the Revolution boiler.

  • Firedragon_4
    Firedragon_4 Member Posts: 1,436
    You're right Timmie!

    Those Blackman seminars are a steal, my Firedragon Academy through Blackman is over 50% off my regular price, AMAZING! Sponsors are a wonderful thing for the education process.
  • I wish I could find

    a few sponsors it would sure make a difference.

    Anyone interested in hiring an old half brain dead burned out gas man who just might be able to teach you something.

    My job bagging grocery's at the supermarket is not paying me much.
  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    Yeah Timmie, but it's all the

    loose candy you can steal, when they fall outta the bags..ha hah ah ahhhhahha Mad Dog

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  • munchkin-man
    munchkin-man Member Posts: 247
    Nothing like the wisdom / knolwege

    of an old half dead burned out gas man. I would love to jump in to your brain and suck up the know you have gathered in your life time. I would never be able to stop educating people.
    Like they say when the machine gets old and needs to be retired a new machine is brought in. The regreat is there is nothing like the origional. That is you Tim do not be so hard on your self guys like you will be forever remembered. You are the last of the mohigans. Like the fore fathers of this trade. You have a place in it's history. Respectfuly
  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    Yeah Timmie you're getting us depressed........................

    Stop beating on yourself. I've told you before and I'll tells ya again....Your classes are a steal.....Why you don't think that you can't or won't charge what Honeywell and the rest charge is the big question. I've been to their's, and yours is worth at least double of what they charge. Believe it or not, the bargain basement price you are giving may be "UNDERwhemling" the market. A guy might say, geez how good could this be if it's only a buck seventy five a day..." I'm going to a large commercial boiler combustion class in June ...$325.00 per day, Tim. You've put your time in, paid your dues know your sh..eetrock! Time to charge what your worth!!!!!!! Tha's an order, SAILOR!!!!!!!!!!!Mad Dog

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  • I think I like this place called the Wall

    because there are always words of encouragement.

    It is tough when business is slow as I am sure you all know.

    I am working on some ways to reinvent myself and what I do. The market here in new England has dried up.

    I need to get out across the country and do some seminars in other parts of the land. The trouble is I am not well known and it is very difficult to get sponsors unless they know who you are. Big names draw big crowds. Big names get big bucks because they draw big crowds.

    I would like to think it is pricing but the truth is everyone up here is doing things much cheaper than I do. The Gas Network underwrites their training sessions therefore the price to the contractor is drastically reduced. All the boiler and furnace companies train for next to nothing.

    I do not doubt what I have to offer is needed it is convincing people they need it.

    Oh well thanks for letting me vent my frustrations here did not mean to depress anyone. Among friends it is sometimes good to let off a little steam.
  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    I hear ya Timmie, just don't wanna

    see ya beat yaself up....just wanna see ya get what whatcha worth. md

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  • Dave Palmer_3
    Dave Palmer_3 Member Posts: 388

    been to one of your full blown gas trainings but had a good time last week at your Weil/Mclain course.Hell of a place lots of new as well as old equipment(very impressive).Coffee was good too.Thanks Tim,Dave
  • gary_4
    gary_4 Member Posts: 2

    I think a big problem is the trades aren't attracting an influx of younger talent. Talk to any contracter and they'll tell you they can't find help. Contracters are willing to pay a good wage but somewhere along the way we've spoiled our children.
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