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Electric Hot water heaters recommendations?

Spedprof Member Posts: 2

I'll need to replace a 40 gal electric hot water heater in my 3 bedroom Condo soon. Can you recommend the brands that I should consider and those I should avoid?



  • kevin_9
    kevin_9 Member Posts: 3
    i am not sure ...

    there is a huge difference in standard steel tank type water heaters...6/10 yr waranties...I think Super stor makes one in Stainless...a bit more cash though....kpc
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,821
    I do think

    there is a difference in the "box store" tanks and the ones sold through plumbing pros. Look for an energy saver model with the thick foam insulation.

    Better brands will have "Sandhog" or other heavy duty elements, some will have dual anode rods. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I prefer brass drain valves. Seen too many homeowners unscrew those round plastic numbers :) They tend to snap off if bumped, also. 6 or 7 year warranty tanks are also available.

    I have had good luck with the Bradford White brand since the employees took the company over. Seems they cater to the professional best.

    hot rod
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Member Posts: 115
    Switch to gas?

    Do you a have nat. gas or LP furnace. Sometimes you can vent a water heater into the furnace vent, if you've changed or considering changing the furnace with a smaller more efficent model. This is best left to a pro that is familar with Category 1 gamma venting tables. You can save quite a bit of money using gas vs. electric, especially if you have several members in your family. Also, you can't go wrong with the Rheem Pro series water heaters. You can get them with a 12 yr. warranty provided a licensed installer puts it in and fills out the paperwork.

    Steve M.
  • Spedprof
    Spedprof Member Posts: 2

    I live in a 7 story condo building on the Atlantic Ocean. It's all electric with heat/AC from under the window heat pump/AC units. Each unit has their own hot water heater. As the building is 15 years old and I have the original heater, a Mudd, the management has recommended that they be replaced, I'm looking for a recommended brand to suggest to my plumber. I've seen Bradford White boxes at the curb indicating that some owners are putting those in but I prefer to get recommendations from a web forum. Thanks.
  • Heatermon
    Heatermon Member Posts: 119
    Water heater recommendations

    That (M)-uud heater is more than likely a Ruud water heater from the Rheem Manufacturing Company. A very old and still reliable brand. The Proffesional heater mentioned above would be this heaters "cousin" today. Whatever heater you choose, there is one issue that pops to mind with your post. A seven story condo building? I would assume that the water heaters are NOT in the basement, but up within you units where they could flood several floors WHEN they leak (notice I didn't say IF). The management is probably recommending replacement because they have seen flooding occur from other units, especially if there are absent tennents. Anyway, my recommendation is to look into a WAGS valve installation along with your new water heater. The WAGS valve automatically shuts off the water to the water heater when it starts to leak, thereby preventing the flooding of areas adjacent to the water heater. It's a good "insurance policy" that your management people may even help you with finding and installing. Otherwise, find someone who you trust to do the installation and ask which brands they prefer. As far as electric water heaters go, just about all have high energy factors (.90 and above), simular heating elements(chomalox brand), and thermostats. Look into higher insulated models, but remember, with higher insulation comes larger size(usually diameter) that might not fit into the space you have. I am assuming it's inside the unit anyway, and not exposed to a very cold environment, so don't get too hung up on water heater insulation, but remember to insulate the exposed hot water piping. It's the easiest and cheapest way to conserve energy. Anyway, good luck with your project and be sure to find the right installer and the rest will be easy.


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  • MikeB34
    MikeB34 Member Posts: 155
    Something new

    Check out EMI's Heat pump hot water heater. Seen 1 in Utica. Nice unit. Drop in place. All 1 piece. not a bunch of pieces. Check out the web site. Its called the "Wattersaver" claims 3x the efficiency of electric. more money up front tho..
  • munchkin-man
    munchkin-man Member Posts: 247
    Heat Transfer Products Inc. Superstor

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