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Rheem Codes Guy

TBK1 Member Posts: 14
Cant seem to find the thread even searching, BUTTTTT to the guy , i think john, that posted that site and abouyt the codes, thank you!!! it was one of the high pressure switches., bad connection on it, would make contact sometimes


  • Glenn Harrison
    Glenn Harrison Member Posts: 405
    Here's the link to your original thread:


    Glad you got it fixed, and I'm sorry I started leading you in the wrong direction, as I didn't know any better. John taught me something too.

    Glenn Harrison, Residential Service Techician

    Althoff Industries, Crystal Lake, Illinois

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  • TBK1
    TBK1 Member Posts: 14

    no prob glen, as we get older we tend to rely on our past experience, it was quite a shock to me to find it out also, everyone had been saying theyre were none
  • It would be nice

    if that information was put on the furnace itself so it is easily accesible. It does not take up much room on the door somewhere. Just a thought.

    I have been teaching on both the Honeywell S9201 and UTECH boards for over 15 years now. I worked as an instructor for Honeywell and I never was told of the more extensive flash codes on those boards. It has nothing to do with age for me(and I am older than most of you)it has to do with not being told by the people who know. Why manufacturers want to have all these secrets is beyond me.

    The exact step by step sequences of operation and flash codes relative to those operations is neeeded by techs who have to troubleshoot them. The excuse given by the folks who make the boards is that if we give you all of that information you will start soldering and trying to repair the boards. I personally think it is the opposite.

    It is like pulling teeth to find out from control compamies what makes their board tick. Another excuse is our competitors will steal our ideas. DUH they already have your boards in their labs. It is a done deal just let the rest of us who have to service these things know about how they work and give us good ladder diagrams and trouble trees with flash codes to make our jobs easier.

    Sorry very sore subject with me. Some OEMS I should say are very good with this I do not mean to include everyone.
  • TBK1
    TBK1 Member Posts: 14

    I agree about making them available, I just attended a GOODMAN, seminar put on at the college by the regional service manager. It cost $5.00 (WOW) to attend, and i got more paperwork / Troubleshooting guides and codes from them than one would expect! CODE LIST INCLUDED!
  • Glenn Harrison
    Glenn Harrison Member Posts: 405
    I have to agree with you Timmie

    Why, Rheem wouldn't print that info on the furnace, or maybe even in the papers that come with a replacement board, is beyond me. Maybe they are hoping it will bring them increased board sales from misdiagnosed boards. Or maybe its just like everything else they have built and designed, with no real thought or proper design put into it (can you tell I'm not fond of Rheem yet):o). The only thing I can think of is maybe these codes are something relatively new, that didn't previously exist at the time of our books being printed, but that still doesn't excuse not putting it in the furnace, or with the replacement board.

    It sure would be easier if they would provide a detailed list of the codes and what to look for, like some manufactureres do, or even better, provide a sticker with every replacement board if it is a design change to provide new codes on old furnaces, but this is obviously too much to ask.

    Alright, enough ranting, I just wanted to say I'm in complete agreement with you, Timmie. When will they learn to work with us instead of against us service tech's!
  • Glenn Harrison
    Glenn Harrison Member Posts: 405
    That's the one thing that aggravates me...

    is when my past experiences get old and outdated. Oh well, I guess that's why I continue to learn and educate myself.
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