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ed0612 Member Posts: 1
My daughter is interested in buying a house in NJ. Its cheaper than average in the neighborhood. I find out its got a mold problem. Is it worth getting involved, or what is involved?ed0612


  • Terry
    Terry Member Posts: 186
    a good deal?

    The other day, I was grocery shopping at a discount food broker and a dozen eggs were only 50% of the normal price.
    The Eggs were rotten. Should I buy them?

    You biggest problem will be getting any insurance on this building even AFTER you get the mess cleaned up. Talk to your agent & if he says different - get it in writing!

    I wouldn't do it. (Unless I was a slum landlord & I wasn;t planning on living in it myself)


  • define mold problem, please

    how extensive is the moldy surfaces...
  • bryan_6
    bryan_6 Member Posts: 5

    sometimes i have a mold problem in my bread drawer, but i've never thought of moving.
  • Wayco Wayne
    Wayco Wayne Member Posts: 615
    My brother bought

    a house with extensive mold in the basement. He paid 5000 to a company to remove it and fix the problem of a leaky basement. He got the house at a bargain price at 400,000, and after 2 years it is worth 600,000. (With minor improvements, including Buderus boierl and plate radiant floors) Find the reason for the mold and deal with it.

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  • munchkin-man
    munchkin-man Member Posts: 247
    I saw a special on mold

    It showed mold infested homes and focused on the illmesses it caused in people due to several types of mold. These people were very sick to the point some of them took a loss on there home and ran as fast as they could. Some of the molds could not be killed easly and was very expensive to try getting rid of.

    If she is buying the home she should address it and in the purchase and sales agreement and have it corrected by a profestional and have it maintained so it is not reacuring.

    I would definately do research befor making the commitment on this new home. My two cent worth.
  • Mark A. Custis
    Mark A. Custis Member Posts: 247
    Mold is

    the new lawyer gold mine. It is every where. The house question desrves a bit more thought however. The posts above are all very to the point, but take it one step further. Mold, toxic or not needs the same triangle that fire needs. Take away one side of the triangle and no mold and no fire.

    The university of Minn, has a great site on remediation, the site is a product of the floods in the Mississippi River valley a few years ago. The EPA has some very relivent information too.

    If the cause of the mold can be addressed and proper remediation applied, the house could be a very good deal. I did the same thing here in beautiful downtown Sheffield Lake, OH with this house.

    Need more info let me know.

    Good luck,


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