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Infloor compression fitting leak

Mark_13 Member Posts: 1
I just hooked up my first infloor system and about 4 out of 10 of my 1/2" Infloor compression to 1/2" manifold fittings are leaking. The conpression ring seemed to go on very hard. I am wondering if I scratched the tube. Any help?


  • kevin
    kevin Member Posts: 420
    Whose manifold...

    is this? With the wirsbo manifolds it is important to have square ends and the pipe all the way into the insert. If the manifold was installled from the floor to themaniflod it would be concievable that it could have loosened up....kpc
  • robert_6
    robert_6 Member Posts: 1
    leaky fitting

    try tightening the compression nut all the way.
    did you use an insert?
    ive schratched many and have had no problems
  • john_35
    john_35 Member Posts: 29
    leaky Infloor fittings

    Did you get the nut & ferrel all the way up on the tubing? The PEX tubing has to bottom out in the fitting and then you pull the nut back to it before you tighten it up. I know what you mean about it being hard to slip it on. I spent like an hour in a crawl space last week trying to repair a leak in some PEX that the plumber cut with a Sawzall!(OOPS!!) At the time I thought it was because the tubing had expanded since it was installed due to heat/cool cycles. From what you say I guess it's hard to get those nuts on even when they're new.
  • Bob M.
    Bob M. Member Posts: 7

    you can't over tighten them. Make sure the tubing is cut square.
  • Mark_15
    Mark_15 Member Posts: 1
    Brand of fitting is Infloor

    Thanks for all your help. The brand is InFloor. Part # 24151. There was not an insert included with this fitting. I am heading there on Monday, will check to see if I have them pushed all the way in.
  • GAverill_2
    GAverill_2 Member Posts: 20
    Infloor 24151 fitting leak

    Mark, the 24151 fitting has been shipped for some time with tube inserts, or stiffeners as my contractors like to call them. This is probably not your problem though.
    As mentioned above, a square cut on the tube end is required. When you put the compression nut on, then the ring, do not push the ring on to far on to the tube. What happens is that you 'bottom out' the tube into the fitting, then force it further when you put your wrench on the nut. I have had contractors actually break a few compression rings doing this. As your supplier about this Monday. We represent Infloor in Nebraska and Iowa, and can send you some tube inserts and new compression rings (no charge) for the 24151 if you cant get help locally.
  • john_35
    john_35 Member Posts: 29
    compr ring on Infloor

    The fitting(s) I was using were 0.5" couplings and the ring and nut were all one piece. Are you saying I might've cracked the ring when I tightened it up? It would've leaked right away then right? Cause I went back down in that crawl two more times just to make sure they weren't leaking. We do Infloor in South Jersey but I might have old fittings or something as I'm in service and don't get many chances to work on these systems. That's a good thing though cause it means they don't break.
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