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I am thinking of using the Ultra Fin product for the first time.

I will be adding Aprox. 100 Sq. Ft. of radiant floor to accomidate an addition with lots of glass that goes all the way to the floor. (No room for B.B.)

The existing system is mono-flow tee's looped with baseboard heat convectors. The finished basement allows no access to & from the boiler room without boxing it or tearing it up.

I'm thinking about cutting in another set of tees and /or run the PEX-AL-PEX right off of the existing 180 Deg. B.B. loop wich serves the same space using the Ultra-Fin system under oak hardwood flooring.

Any feedback on the use of the Ultra-Fin system using a (Bang/Bang) 160-180 Deg supply temp. in this type of application will be greatly valued.



  • Ben_3
    Ben_3 Member Posts: 71

    I'm not sure about the Ultra-Fin appl. but I have an alternative way for you to set this up which will allow you to use lower temps. I wouldn't suggest you tie your radaint loop off the existing diverter tees. The water may find it is easier to go through the tee then through all that extra radaint tubing, water is lazy. Instead remove the diverter tee for the current B.B. or both of them if there are two. Pipe 2 standard tees off the main keeping them as close as possible{Must not be over 12" apart} Install a mixing valve and pump to "pump away" from the valve, you can either run it constant or put it on a stat to control the pump if you wanted to, keep in mind this stat won't control the boiler no matter how high they set it. I prefer to run the pump on constant circ in this application I think it helps to even the floor temp buy allowing it to still pick up heat after the main has shut off, especially if it's a slab. I've done it this way many times and always had success, it's just like doing a zone with two different types of radiation but only one pipe or set of pipes, but it's only a suggestion, hope this helps.
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