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pre installation steam boiler survey

steve_6 Member Posts: 243
what do you guys do? Do you have a particular method to your madness?


  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186
    it depends...

    thats always a good first answer,when ever possible I have the boiler delivered the day before the change out and build all the near boiler piping. Riser,equalizer,etc. so the day of we can kick the old one out and slip the new one in.
  • steve_6
    steve_6 Member Posts: 243

    I guess i'm talking about prexisting system problems?
  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186
    sorry Steve

    we give everything the once over and also ask the customer if any problems or strange noises,etc. Its not to bad for us because most boilers we change are existing customers so we know the systems.Hope this helps,Dave
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,092
    method to the madness

    i usually do the same i also check the mains the branch runs and all the rads. to ensure that it's all kosher.if not i know where i'll have problems and that i'll correct them. ido a edr on the racs and ad a pick up to it check the mains against it insulate it if it has been removed.
    check location of main vents to see if there where they should be i know that it all takes time and i feel it's nessecary and saves alot of headaches later sometimes the custermer ask why i need to look at rads in the house since everybody elsejust went down the basement and i tell them the truth some i never hear from again and others get what they deserve a quick word on fuel oil units see what type of pump is on the unit it may be a large two stage j pump and sometimes those little a and b pumps won't cut it it's a good thing to look at quick and saves a headache later i think the real key is to lok at the boiler walk away and really look at the rest of the system that,s what will kill you just size all your near piping correctly and in steel pipe and insulate it .remenber to chk. the old units pressuretrol to .goodluck
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  • Ben_3
    Ben_3 Member Posts: 71
    Steamer Survey

    1. Measure all radaition, if it's an Apartment building I usually measure all the common area radaition and one apt or one of each style of apt should get you pretty close + p/u factor for piping. Not to mention if it's a one-pipe system you have a chance to get a look @ ea. vent. I always try to sell new air vents with ea. install the system will work better if you use the same mfg. vent for ea rad. and vent according to size.
    2. Off to the boiler room {always ask if it has a floor drain and if it works. sucks to find it dosen't while your skimming}. I always walk the mains a check the main vents and I like to see how the water returns to the boiler. Buried returns will come back to haunt you especially if they are the cause of the old boilers failure.
    3. Next I like to measure from floor to ceiling to see whether I can put the boiler on a base and still obey the near boiler pipng instructions, very important for dry steam.
    4. Ask lots of questions about how the system is working and if the mains arn't insulated suggest they do so it will only save them money and make the system work better.
    5. Next buy all of Dan's books about steam and those great old systems they will change your life!
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