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Recommendation Needed

Carlton Member Posts: 27
What "septic-safe" liquid or other material do you use to clear a slow drain? It has to be compatible with a septic system. The septic system was pumped just a year ago and it is just one drain that is slow. Any suggestions?



  • Bio-Clean...

    First off, I'd have Snake-n-Rooter or one of their compadre companies make sure the line is clear, then treat monthly with Bio-Clean which is only avaiable from your local plumber. I have used it for YEARS!!

    Avoid the use of chlorox and other chlorine based disinfectants. They have a tendency to kil the bacteria action of the safe products. Use only "septic safe" soaps and detergents.

    Did you get your hydronic heating system straightened out barrister?


  • Carlton
    Carlton Member Posts: 27


    You are the fount of quite a wealth of information. Thanks once again.

    Re: My Hydronics---The PSI is now a constant 15 and the leaking is completely gone. The pro had to replace the faulty expansion tank they installed a month ago (for free) and they replaced my PRV which was not reseating. They bled the pipes (3 zones) to remove air and now no gurgling waterfall sound when the heat kicks. HOWEVER, the banging/rattling of the pipes has come back, so I know there is an issue there. I imagine that that banging is what you guys refer to as the "hammer" effect when the zone valves close suddenly. To conclude (finally!), I am left solely with the banging issue. Any thoughts?
  • George_10
    George_10 Member Posts: 580
    safe for the environment

    Any product that you use should contain enzymes as the "cleaning agent". These enzymes actually eat the organic material and turn it into a natural by-product. The main question is what is the slow drain clogged with? If it is fats, oils and grease you may need a combination of enzymes and biozymes to eat this stuff. These products also help control the odor from the drain.

  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,853
    Snake it and

    put a camera down the line. There may need to be a mechanical fix.. ie shifted line, reverse grade, roots, grease trap needed, etc.

    Although Bio-Clean is a good preventive maintenance. I feed my septic an ocassional dose. i think it may help counteract all the bacteria killing agents that are in lots of soaps these days.

    hot rod
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Carlton
    Carlton Member Posts: 27

    Thanks Scott and Hot Rod. I have always respected your opinions and analyses. I will get a plumber to come check it out.

  • Banging pipes...

    Does it bang only when shutting down, or when running? Have someone cycle a thermostat on and off and stand at the boiler while you're in the boiler room observing. Have them turn all three zones on and shut off one at a time. Then have them do it again, but switch the order in which they are shut down. Do it one last time, again switching the order. If it always bangs when a certain zone shuts down, you may have a zone valve installed backwards. If it hammers when any or all of them shuts down it is probably an excess velocity issue, which may be controlled by choking the flow back on that zone (usually the shortest one). Worst case scenario, you may have to have the technicians back to install what we refer to as a PAB (pressue activated Bypass). This device shunts the excess pressure & flow around the system, eliminating excess flow and hammering on shut down.

    Let us know how you make out, and glad we could help.

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