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Geothermal with a radiant floor???

JJ Baganz
JJ Baganz Member Posts: 1
I am a homeowner looking to build. I know geothermal heating is able to be used in a radaint concrete basement floor, but I would also like to use it as a staple-up for the first floor. Is this possible????? I have been told this is a no, because of the water/pex temp needing to be higher than the effective range of the heat pump. I live in Wisconsin...so HEAT IS IMPORTANT! What are my options???? Please help!


  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928
    Copper in extruded aluminum plates

    Hotrod is currently conducting a test using this (and other) methods of joist-space heating. He should come up with some telling results.

    Not an easy installation, but it may well hold promise for such an application.

    I'd sincerely watch here to see when he posts results.
  • J Matthers
    J Matthers Member Posts: 24
    Geo and Radiant

    I am just completing a house with Geo and radiant throughout. I used Warmboard to achieve the required design temps. The max on the geo is about 120°. On long island, except for this year, you can design for a low of 15 to 20°. The hottest zone I have is 110°. Should I need more heat I can use a back up water heater. In new construction with radiant I would do Warmboard and GEO again.
  • Gary Jansen
    Gary Jansen Member Posts: 5
    Geothermal in Wisconsin

    I do geothermal heating and cooling in Wisconsin. Staple up, warmboard, quiktrak, lightweight concrete, and sandwich applications. The secret is to use the proper heat pump for our area. Buffer tanks help. Small electric or fuel fired boiler for 2nd stage or backup. If you are interested, give me a call at 920 788 5804. Or this site has my email. Properly engineered and installed it makes for a beautiful system, and remember with a chilled water coil, a little ductwork, and a changeover relay, you can be cool in the summer too! Regards, Gary Jansen

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  • Colin
    Colin Member Posts: 50
    Way to go Gary

    I just landed another Geo/Radiant/Hi-V job. This one is going in Concrete in the basement and lightweight overpour on the main floor.
    For those who want it all.
  • jpatterson_2
    jpatterson_2 Member Posts: 1
    geo w/ staple up

    we have used geothermal with staple up several times with great success. We are able to operate 5000 sq ft of radiant plus 2 hydro-air systems off of the 5 ton closed loop system. The KEY is the envelope of the home. You MUST have a tight house with excellent R value and more importantly- no leaks. We tend to use a spray foam insulation on most homes, provides a tight home with minimal humidification requirements. The delivery temp of your radiant is a factor of the heat loss, the lower the loss- the better the chance for success
  • J Matthers
    J Matthers Member Posts: 24

    I forgot to say in my post above my house is built with sips and very tight.
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