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ed wallace
ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613
depends on what state you are in Ma. requires 2 lwcos on commercial boilers and i believe most boiler manufacturers specify 2 in there install manuals

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  • todd s
    todd s Member Posts: 212
    Is one LWCO okay?

    For a steam boiler in a commercial building? While I would agree that 2 are better than 1, is there a requirement? Most times I know a float type won't get flushed regularly. If 2 are required, could they both be probe type?
  • todd s
    todd s Member Posts: 212

    Upstate N.Y., I am asking because I have seen installations with one only and these were inspected by state boiler inspectors, this is a replacement where there is only one right now (and its been inspected yearly)
  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    In Wisconsin

    What seems to drive things here is what insurance company you have. I've seen buildings change hands that have been inspected for years only to have the next insurer require a second LWCO as a requirement to get insurance, sort of like the gas train design requirement.
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