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Thermafloor between sleepers

We have recently poured 1.5 inches of Thermafloor over the tubes between 1.5 inch tall sleepers. Of course now that the floor is cured the top of the gypcrete is no longer level with the tops of the sleepers. This is probably why Maxxon recommends TWO pours. We will be nailing bamboo flooring over all this in a few weeks. How concerned should we be about the 2-3mm airgap in places between the sleepers? Air is not a great conducter, obviously. Is additional underlayment to bring it totally flush with the sleepers strips necessary in Southern California? I am powering the system with mostly solar water and want to keep the temps low.


  • Troy_3
    Troy_3 Member Posts: 479
    Gyp between sleepers

    We do this all the time. It is almost impossible to have the gyp level with the sleepers when cured. Air will insulate, I can't tell you how much. My experience has convinced me that it still heats fine. The other consideration is the hardwood installers. Here they want to glue between sleepers and nail in sleepers. They scream when they have too much space for the glue to contact the hardwood. Above the sleepers is even worse. We use a squeege when we pour the thermafloor to keep the level just below the sleepers and clean off the sleepers at the same time.
  • i recently did a floor

    that had the same air gap you are talking about and we had no problems this winter. what kind of solar panels do you have? bob
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