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Burnhan Revoution

I would like to give the Opus a try, but before I install anything new I like to get training on it. I have gotten info from my R.E. Micheal salesman on the Opus. But they haven't offered any training that I know of here in Maryland. If you guys offer any training in this area let me know please.

Eddie G.


  • Steve Paul
    Steve Paul Member Posts: 83
    Burnam Revolution boilers

    Can anyone explain the bypass system on the Burnham Revolution boiler? I know there is a temperature sensor strapped to the supply outlet piping, and the RPMs of internal circulator are somehow modulated by the sensor. What path do the supply and return water take from the system to the boiler, how does the blending take place and what is the reason for blending?
  • Mike Lampkin_2
    Mike Lampkin_2 Member Posts: 124
    Revolution Bypass

    The biggest reason for blending the water temperature is
    for boiler protection. Whenever a lot of cold water is
    coming back to the boiler from a radiant floor system, you
    need to protect the boiler from thermal shock and condensation. The Revolution basically monitors the internal
    water temperature of the boiler and controls how much return
    water is going to be allowed back into the boiler by means
    of the internal injection circulator. The injection circulator will speed up or slow down to control how much
    return water is actually entering back into the boiler.
    By using this method of control the boiler is automatically
    protected no matter what the temperature or volume of water.
    I have had a Revolution (model RV4) controlling my own
    heating system for 3 years now and find it to be a very
    good boiler. It handles the indirect water heater, a high
    temp air handler, and a two temp radiant floor system.
    Hope this helps.Regards, Mike Lampkin
  • tim from Reed Wright
    tim from Reed Wright Member Posts: 113

    FYI, we have repaired and service quite a few revolutions and i was just going to give you 2c worth. Watch out for the outlet sensor on the boiler, i have found the plastic strap ties they use will break after a while due to getting brittle. Also have you updated to the mechanical aquastat from the electronic that has been very prone to failure. Just a few tidbits to mull over.
  • Mike Lampkin_2
    Mike Lampkin_2 Member Posts: 124
    Thanks for the info, Tim

    I'll keep an eye on those tie-wraps for the boiler
    sensor. I have also replaced the electronic aquastat with
    the mechanical one. I also added a buffer tank to my
    system, since the revolution doesn't contain that much
    water. That sure helped to decrease the number of boiler
    cycles. Thanks for now, Mike Lampkin
  • Very well said Mike!

    You have described to a "T" the operation of the Revolution boiler. The system we have incorporated within the boiler allows it to handle return water as low as 55°F without concern over thermal shock or condensing. It allows the boiler to walk the fine line of condensing while still keeping it from doing so. This is what gives the boiler the bulk of it's 87-88% AFUE rating. It simply is able to handle a wider array of system variances thus a higher AFUE rating without concerns. The buffer tank probably isn't neccessary but hey......it can't hurt! By the way, if you like that system on a gas boiler, you oughta try it on oil too. The Opus Oil-Fired boilers also have the same system with AFUE ratings of almost 90%. See it at www.aboutopus.com or contact you local distributor. Thanks for believing in what we do Mike.

    Glenn Stanton

    Burnham Hydronics
  • Eddie

    Ron Beck was just down doing some training at R.E. Michel in Glen Burnie last week. if I had known, I would have had him contact you. I will speak with Ron to see when his next trip down will be. I will be in southern NJ next month and may be able to meet up with you if Ron can't. I'll keep you posted.

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