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Radiant Floor Heat Loss Calcs.

Bob T.
Bob T. Member Posts: 3
Can anyone tell me why radiant floor heat requires less BTU's of boiler than baseboard or radiators??? In addition, has anyone used an ARGO Industries electric boiler? What were your thoughts?


  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,111

    it's because of radiants lower water temp requirments compared to baseboard and raditors at 180 to radiant's max. of 120. also radiant adds heat in a more even manner to tthe lose.as for electric boilers i am unfamilar with them i hope i answered your question some what good luck
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  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Lower BTU reqirements

    A radiantly heated structure will have lower heat requirements because there is less convective air movement. Much of a homes heat loss is due to air infiltration. Warm air rises and escapes through the top and is replaced by cooler air at the bottom where the process starts all over.

    This is called "stack effect". Radiantly heated homes can be more comfortable with lower air temps because we make the mass around you closer to your body temp. Air temp is really not important believe it or not.

    Walk down the frozen food aisle at the super market and you will feel cold right? Well the frozen food aisle is the same temp as the other aisles. About 70*. When you stand near a mass that is colder than you, you radiate heat to the colder mass, heat goes to cold.

    So with lower air temps and less convective air movement, a radiantly heated structure will have a lower heat loss than a convective structure. Baseboard and radiators cause convection. Not as much as a forced air system, but convection none the less.

    Hope this helps!!

    Mark H

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  • Steve Minnich_1
    Steve Minnich_1 Member Posts: 127

    You hit it right on the head. Dan couldn't have said it better:).


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  • ken D
    ken D Member Posts: 60

    buy Dan's books. If your involved in installation or anything, you should learn as much of the basics, the hows and the whys, as you can. They are so cheap compared to the wealth of knowledge contained therein. Again, buy his books, especially Hydronic Radiant heating.

    You will be richer, and more competant too. It's in your best interest--everyone reading this, not just the person posting the question:)
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