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Normally open zone valves?

John Abbott
John Abbott Member Posts: 356


  • John Abbott
    John Abbott Member Posts: 356

    I would appreciate any input on a reliable brand/model of normally open zone valves for a project I am working on.There will be multiple zones 10+ and multi temp injection with constant circulation on all of the high mass zones. I am partial to the Taco heat motor type for normally closed applications due to their simplicitly and reliability over the 20 plus years I have used them,but I understand that their new ESP valves are troublesome to say the least.

  • pj m
    pj m Member Posts: 8
    normally open zone valves

    Check out the White Rodgers 1361-102, they have a clever warp switch in them so the motor is only under load when the valve is opening or closing, the majority of the time the motor is at "rest". They also have some big time cv (23.5 for the 3/4" and 37 for the 1" valve). We have used hundreds of these valves, switched to them after the Honeywell/Syncron motor disaster of the mid-90's. The wiring is a little funky but we made our own diagrams and all is well with the Sparkies. pj

    p.s. their address is white-rodgers.com
  • Boilerpro_2
    Boilerpro_2 Member Posts: 89
    Invensys (Erie) has normally open valves

    Just started using thier valves, I've heard good things about them. Also can vouch for the White Rodgers, see many with 20 to 30 years of service....as long they are made like they used too.

  • Steve Eayrs
    Steve Eayrs Member Posts: 424
    N.O. zone valves

    I've used a couple hundred of the honeywell "VC" zone valve, and so far have had no problems. Its only been a couple years, so we'll see.

    I like them. They can be either no or nc, and are powered both open and closed.


  • Glen
    Glen Member Posts: 855
    I hae used -

    both Honeywell and Erie with good success - but it depends on application. I have found that Honeywells do not like to be on the supply side of radiation while the Erie seem to like it - just an observation - but the Honeywells hammer like crazy if not put on the return side. Anyone else notice this ???
  • Steve Eayrs
    Steve Eayrs Member Posts: 424
    water hammer?

    No I have not had the water hammer problem on the supply side.
  • Terry
    Terry Member Posts: 186

    only seen this when valve in backwards. the V8043 series tend to leak past if press diff too stiff.

  • John Abbott
    John Abbott Member Posts: 356

  • John Abbott
    John Abbott Member Posts: 356

    to everyone for their help. It is much appreciated.

  • Troy_3
    Troy_3 Member Posts: 479
    Zone valves

    There is only one for me and that's "Automag" Check them out. We have used several hundred with no problems. I don't have their # on me but I can get it for you if you need it. Just e-mail me. It's small, simple and they work. They come with 2 lights so you know what is going on and they are NO.
  • eddie grierson_3
    eddie grierson_3 Member Posts: 51

    Yes I have, never have problem on return side. Dan brought this to my attention at one of his seminars.
  • Alan R. Mercurio
    Alan R. Mercurio Member Posts: 588
    I'm with Troy

    I have to go with Troys choice for the "Automag" I used them while I was in the field for over 10 yrs with noting but success!

    Your friend in the industry,

    Alan R. Mercurio

    Oil Tech Talk
  • John Abbott
    John Abbott Member Posts: 356
    Hey Ken...

    I got your inquiry and responded but it came back as undeliverable.Send me your adress and I'll try again

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