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Radiant heat/loop system

ShellyB Member Posts: 1
We finally put a basement under our home last fall. We hear of electric radiant heat. I told my husband why not use the boiler to do this. We are going to buy a Coal stove
any ideas on who is best? So our floor is poured and we had two companies discuss radiant heat with us but they did not take the job(out of area, I will say Stoker not only is only a mile out but who they referred us to never showed!)
Now spring is here and we are going to consult with someone but we could use ideas, floor plans, suggestions. We are willing to put our time to good use. I read some companies like Harmon will layout plans if. But we are looking for advice on copper pipe, Plex and whatever you may know from experience the dos and don't. We waited twenty three years for our basement so we are taking our time researching to do everything right. We also will get back since I hope to hook up Solar Panels for spring thru fall. I thank you for your time


  • Rob_7
    Rob_7 Member Posts: 12

    I'll leave it up to the real wetheads here for specific advice, but in my opinion, electric radiant could be very expensive to run compared to a boiler. It all depends on your local utility ans fuel rates, of course.
    Sometimes elecric is the way to go, but here in the midwest where I live, I believe it has usually cost a lot more to run. Also, I don't know about all the control options for electric, but there seems to be a lot of good comfort control options for water based heating systems, as well as the fact that water holds more hear per pound than about anything else and tends to give very steady naturally comfortable heat.
    If I were going all electric for my house, I think I'd put in a water to water geothermal heat pump system to provide the water for the radiant floor as efficiently as possible.
    It installs much like a fuel fired boiler as far as the inside piping goes and can efficiently provide water at an appropriate temperature for in-slab radiant floor heating.
    They are generally an expensive first-cost alternative, however, to a conventional boiler. But that would be my own second choice. Electric would be dead last with me.
    (And I'm an electrician.)
    All just my opinions.
  • Rob_7
    Rob_7 Member Posts: 12

    With a heat pump, depending on the system design, there may need to be a booster heater to get the proper water temperature at the output.
    ...That's my understanding, anyway.
    It would still seem like a good idea to me.
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