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Going Once! Going Twice!

<center><b>R. W. Beckett/Oil Tech Talk’s<BR>Burner Service Workshop<BR>NORA Approved</b></center><BR><BR>Who's going to get the last 2 seats for the special burner workshop? The objective of this course is to teach the fundamentals of oil burners and their components. This program includes some theory, including cause and effects. This program also covers some of the ways know in the industry to diagnose the burner and its components properly. It’s written and demonstrated in such a way that it can be taught to an entry level, technician and also serve as a great refresher course for the seasoned technician.<BR><BR>This session utilizes lecture, field examples, demonstrations, slides, handout materials, troubleshooting techniques and encourages technicians participation We’ll start the day with a full tour of R. W. Beckett’s facility. Then we’ll move into the classroom for over head presentations and discussion I’ll be your instructor during this portion. Then after lunch we’ll move on to some hands on troubleshooting with fully operational oil burners and my diagnostic simulators, built for technicians. <BR><BR>1/2 the class will go into the lab where you'll have a first hand look at low emissions technology during a live demonstration. Then you will head to the lab’s workshop to build your own burners. You'll install them in a system in the lab and perform a full combustion analysis to see how you did. You'll even have the pleasure of having Jerry Herron work by your side with you. During this time the other 1/2 of the class will hang out with your friend in the industry, ME :) and we’ll work our way through some trouble shooting on the simulators. Then of course we’ll switch places with the other 1/2 of the class. So everyone gets to experience the whole days events.<BR><BR><b>Date: Tuesday March 4th 2003<BR> <BR>Location:<BR>R.W. Beckett<BR>P.O. Box 1289<BR>Elyria, Ohio 44036-1289<BR>1 800 645 2876</b><BR><BR>Class 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.<BR>Cost: <b>$95.00</b> Per Student<BR><BR><b>This workshop is going to be limited to 20 attendees. So, I respectfully suggest you sign-up as soon as you can.</b> <BR><BR>This includes Coffee, Tea and Danishes in the morning & A Hot Lunch served in the afternoon. A 38 page technical manual that each student will take home with them and a copy of the industries newest text book. “Carry The Torch Life Experiences and Technical Data to live By” And some real cool stuff from R. W. Beckett! And more technical data than you can shake a stick at!<BR><BR>If you need a hotel here's the deal I worked out with the Holiday Inn. If you plan on coming in the night before the burner workshop or you plan on staying the night of, or perhaps both? Just call the Holiday Inn located in Elyria and tell them your coming for the Oil Tech Talk Burner Workshop. I have made arrangements to secure a block of 20 rooms for 2 Nights This will cost you $79.00 + Tax per night and includes a full hot breakfast buffet!<B>Cut-Off Date for reservations was February 7, 2003 But if you ask nicely I'm sure they will except your reservation :)</B><BR><BR>Anyone not staying at the Hotel Please meet us there anyway at 7:30 AM on March 4th. I have arranged for a shuttle to bring us to R. W. Beckett's facility and to pick us up at the end of the day. Now how's that for service? :)<BR><BR>To contact the Hotel please call <B>(800) 321-7333<BR><BR>The Hotel is located just off RT 57 by the mall.<BR><BR>Holiday Inn<BR>1825 Lorain Blvd. <BR>ELYRIA, Ohio 44035</b><BR>I look forward to seeing you there!<BR><SP><BR><center>------------------------cut along dotted line-----------------------------------</center><BR><SP><BR>Registration for the Oil Tech Talk’s Burner Workshop seminar in Elyria, Ohio. On March 4th, 2003:<BR><SP><BR><BR>Company Name_______________________<BR><BR>Mailing Address ___________________________________<BR><BR>City __________ State _____ Zip________<BR><BR>Phone # (_____)________Fax# (___)_________<BR><BR>E-mail_____________________<BR><BR>Profession (HVAC, Home Inspection, WX, Fuel Oil Co, Other)___________________________<BR><BR>How did you hear about this seminar?<BR><BR>Advertisement___Mail___Word of Mouth___Other___________<BR><BR>To register, please mail this form with payment.<BR> <BR><b>Make check payable to: <BR>Oil Tech Talk<BR>123 N. 2nd. Street<BR>Catawissa, PA. 17820</b><BR><BR><BR>Have any questions? Please feel free to call or e-mail me. My phone number is (570) 356 2806 and my E-mail is [email protected]<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Your friend in the industry,<BR>Alan R. Mercurio<BR><BR><BR>

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