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He grabbed his putter

firmed up, shortened his stroke, and went for broke". The crowd roared. This heard on NBC golf, just a minute ago.

Johnny Carson would have jumped on that like stink on you know what, just like he did with Arnie Palmer's wife one night on the show back in 1980:

"Mr's Palmer, do you have any customs, traditions, or superstitions regarding Arnie;s golf game?" "Oh yes Johnny, I kiss his b#$ls before every game" "Wow, I'll bet that makes his putter stand up". Total silence in the audience, then huge laughter as Mr's Palmer realized what just happened.

She sued, he settled. One of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV.

Maybe I should find something constructive to do :) Two Takagi T-K1's to install, oh well.

Brian in smutland, apparently.


  • MURPH'
    MURPH' Member Posts: 88
    winnie palmer

    from my hometown just died a few years back. of the two of them she was a saint, when you see arnie doin a commercial for the united way, keep in mind he is a paid celebrity endorser. winnie was one to do lots of charities and many things at the local library for the kids !! and we recently lost Mr. Rodgers from our neighborhood, what a shame ,he will sorely be missed. He inherited a midas fortune and decided to work for public television and the ministry

    off on a rant

    thinkin about Jambalaya

  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    Lady Winnie Palmer

    came across as an absolute lady, and I'm sorry for getting a chuckle at the expense of a lovely person who has passed, (I didn't know).

    I am an old rock & roller, biker, drunk (recovering), but there couldn't be a bigger fan of Mr. Rogers, than myself. My 5yr old Autumn, thinks he is just like me, that's a heck of a compliment, but I actually do look a bit like him.

    He epitomised and embodied all the moral, ethical and spiritual values that most decent (and mean) folk really do hold dear.

    You are right Murph, he will be missed, but will never really die.

    Thanks for the reality check.

    Brian in Jambalayaland.

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