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Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
I got your e-mail but my reply was bounced back.

Thank you for the letter and we are at peace!

Mark H

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  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    I feel I know what

    that was about, and that it is over "is a good thing".

    What a great place this is, and home to some of the finest, smartest, most human, most understanding & tolerant human beings I've had the pleasure of communicating with.

    Long live the Wall.

    I read somewhere, when I was about 12, that "peace isn't something that we sit back in comfy armchairs and let someone else bring about. It's an on-going process, that we all ACTIVELY participate in". Or something like that.

    Arguing doesn't get anything done, trying doesn't achieve anything, only DOING actually get's anything done.

    Two men apparently sat & talked about points-of-view here, and the last word in the exchange was "peace", what a wonderful world.

    It's a pity that that exchange wasn't between some world leaders, and some who wish they were.

    Peace, Brian, in beautifully sunny but cool, Swampland.
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    GEEZE Tankless

    You darn near made me cry!

    God bless ya'!!

    Mark H

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  • MURPH'
    MURPH' Member Posts: 88



  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    I just try to \"Say what I mean,

    and mean what I say". It keeps me honest & helps me sleep nights.

    I can't stand cliche's and one-line-philosophies, Mark, but I like that one.

    Glad to have you aboard, Biro. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this "Wall" place, I hope you feel the same way.

    Y'all remember the "Pink Floyd Wall"? I lived during that post-war time as a child. Please rent it, you'll never be the same again. That wall glued and beat everyone inextricably into the same conformist "just another brick in the wall" prison.

    This Wall (The USA) allows everyone the freedom & choice to voice exactly what they feel. (When I spoke out in England in the 60's & 70's I was shut down & beaten by my "freinds" schoolteachers & headmasters) as you can see, I left, and here I am. I don't like many aspects of socialism, some yes, most no. Maybe I'm a born again Irishman or Jew or Kenyan or Armenian or Navajo, born to move, and make sure things aren't forgotten, while working to make things better.

    Just above (thanks Mark), I saw an American soldier carrying an Iraqi child. That man's sole purpose in life at that moment, was taking care of that baby as though it were his own. Why? because it WAS his own child, he was that connected to it, WE are THAT connected, we are all one.

    Remember Jack Nicholson taking the kidnapped baby back to it's Mother in "The Border". "Para los Ninos" was what it was all about. We are here to leave and create a better world for our/all children to live in.

    In this case, I won't say sorry for the rant.

    Brian, with daughters worth fighting for, Wood.

    BTW, my step son in law, Billy Dillon, is serving in a maint division "over there". He's taking care of those who are taking care of business. Please pray for him.

    Attached are; The love of my life, Autumn Elizabeth, her Mom Deidre, Great Aunt, Irene Pettijean, and yours truly.

    Women worth defending.
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    My kids

    play with the exact same water soaker! MY GOODNESS HOW MUDDY THEY GET!

    Thanks for your posts Tankless!

    Mark H

    P.S. Mr.Rogers? I'm thinkin' Mr.Bean!!!!!! LOL!!!

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