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Boiler replacement in the kitchen

Jack_15 Member Posts: 12


  • This one was an emergency

    The boiler burnt through the side , in the kitchen of a Levitt style house .
  • Replaced with a Peerless WBV 3

    This one had 3 zones with only one circ for the main zone at the boiler . The trick is to fit everything in the same space so a cover can go back over it - while keeping room to take the top off for cleaning .
  • Hey Ron...

    Beautiful job. Just wondering, with all the air these puppies use, what does the cover that is placed over the boiler look like. Surely it has PLENTY of free air..

    Keep up the great work.

  • kevin
    kevin Member Posts: 420
    was that

    one of the older S ser. before they started adding in the built in "air scoop"? and the extended coil flange? About how old was it? As per usual nice work. It amazing how fast AND how neat you can crank 'em out. kpc
  • eleft_4
    eleft_4 Member Posts: 509
    Good work

    Arteeest! as usual .... Are you getting YOUR house done?

  • The original cover

    in these houses were tin boxes , and they dont quite fit tightly to the surrounding walls . Add that to the cuts in the side for pipes that run down the wall and it brings in enough air . Same situation for the hanging boilers too . A local supply house stocks a fiberglass cover that looks like wood, and I believe the front has fake louvre doors in it . Im not sure how it handles the heat in the long run though . Thanks Mark .
  • Thanks Al

    And thanks for asking about my house . So far I have the insulation in the walls and temporary Argo baseboard elements in without covers , and it kept the house nice and warm on the cold days . Im definitely gonna use the wall radiant , but our supply house doesnt stock the wood track it grooves into . So I gotta shop around . Do you know of an online site that stocks the stuff ?
  • Yep , It was the old VTF series

    I think it had the sole 1 1/4 tapping out the top of the back - not the best choice for this house with the smoke pipe going across it . The boiler itself was under 20 years old . This is one of those jobs where if you dont ride a bucket all day youre gonna go home with sore knees and legs . Thanks alot Kevin .
  • Thanks Jack

    Do you get any jobs in the Levittown area ? And if you do , what boiler do you prefer to use in em ?
  • J.C.A.
    J.C.A. Member Posts: 349

    How do you do it ? Is it magic , or what ?

    Been doing the moving thing (again) and haven't been here for a couple of days . As ELEFT stated....A work of art...or is it A work of Ron ? Nice job brother .

    ll get to you in the next day or so for some travlin' info. Chris
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