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I know you guys like fast stuff.

of that wheelie-ing Ducati in the early morning was perfect, I saw it in my mind's eye, I even heard it, thanks.

I bought the first 1000 GoldWing in 1975, and thought I pushed it pretty hard from Crete to England, and knew what it could do (875 miles in 7 hr's, from southern Italy to Switzerland) on the way to the Isle-of-Man GP. When I got there (Douglas IOM), the other guys were already there with the TZ350 we were racing. I pulled up to the B&B next to the Casino Hotel where Mike Hailwood (racing a Ducati) was staying, and Pete (madman) Sprot got on my 650lb Honda and pulled a wheelie for over a 100yds. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it could be done!

But it didn't make anything like the sound that that 905 made.

Those memories, and these created here, will always be with us, neat Eh? I'll always remember something that someone else saw & heard.

One last memory-jogging rant. My earliest memory of a best friend (Alfie Stewart) had a neighbour with a (130mph in 1954) Vincent Black Shadow 1000 V-twin, exhausting through a 2 into 1 BSA Goldie track silencer. Imagine it, I'll never forget it.

I need a bike, maybe I'll dream of a way to afford what I want.

G'night all.



  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    Pure speed (and Italian quality). 0-60 in 2.7 sec's

    Hey, it's Friday, Ehr lichta (medieval for lighten up).

    There's a lot of stuff going on in the world, that's causing rifts and problems between wallies (and there are 1,000's of lurkers watching, and wondering what the hell is going on here.

    So what is the big deal about a nekkid girl on a scaffold, posted by Sir Alan of Forbes ? It was just fun, that's it! No lust, just fun.

    I lose track sometimes, but, while being socially challenged (the shy type) I am NOT technically challenged, and love engines (It's genetically my Dad's fault). So in that vein, I present a little thing I found at a M/cycle site.

    A V/twin 998cc motor that pushes/pulls a bike from zero to 60mph in 2.7 Seconds!!! (that is, in the time it takes you to say this) and to 100mph in less than 6.0 sec's, and 168 mph (what is the life-expectancy of that chain?)

    Does this have anything to do with heating ? no, but yes, all technical things are related, so enjoy.

    2003 Ducati 999, $17,500 (street-legal). There aren't many available, so place your order soon.

    Brian, after a couple of brews, Wood.
  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186

    kind of small I better get two
  • Eric Taylor_29
    Eric Taylor_29 Member Posts: 1
    Try this one

    V8 power in a hand built bike. Street legal, but barely :)

    A guy I know bought one for his mid life crisis and Jay Lenno himself showed up to take a test drive.

  • John Ruhnke1
    John Ruhnke1 Member Posts: 154
    Fast Stuff...

    Those bikes look all so beautiful. I love speed. 10 years ago I used to race cars on road racing tracks. Expensive but fun! I didn't have time for girls. I worked on the car or side jobs to pay for parts for the car all night long. Once I went on a date and fell asleep at the table in the bar at around 10PM. Her friends didn't even start to party till 10. She thought I was a dud. I didn't care though, because the next day, I was traveling around Pocono raceway at over 130 miles an hour! Boy did I love speed! I don't know what happened to that girl because she never returned my phone calls. I wounder why?

    Eventually a girl did capture my attention. Her name was Kim. She was differant then the other girls. She tended to travel a little to fast on the highway. She once begged me to take her around the track durring a practice session. I did. She didn't scream and stayed calm. After a couple of years she won me over. I fell in love with her. I thought about marriage. The only snag was that in order to afford my very expensive racing habit I was still living at home with my parents. Not wanting to give up my first love, racing, I asked my girl friend if she would mind living with me and my parents. That didn't go over to well. Eventually I gave up racing and saved for a house of my own. The two of us got married and are living happily.

    I still own a track car. It is a tricked out Dodge Shelby Charger Turbo. It too is very fast. Or at least it was way back then. It sits rusting in my drive way taking up needed space and costing an extra $600.00 in insurance to keep it registered. Over the last ten years it has turned into an eye soar. I keep telling myself to junk it cause I haven't even driven it in three months. I know that I should sell it. I am always afraid of clients seeing me in the rust bucket. I just can't seem to part with it.


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  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    Ohmygod, Eric, and John.

    Did you check out the rest of Drysdale's site?

    How about that Drysdale/Honda car!!

    I just blew a whole morning at the site, and reminiscing about my fast days of youth.

    Well, must go change out the dist' and plug leads on my 86 110hp Audi 5000 :O(

    160hp from a bike engine....scary.

    Brian in very chilly Swampland.

    P.S. The Ariel Square Four has got to be one of my all-time favourite engines.
  • J.C.A.
    J.C.A. Member Posts: 349
    Thanks Tankless !

    In my humble opinion , there ain't nothing sweeter than the sound of anything with a hot motor out of Italy. Be it the sweet sound of a F-1 Ferrari whining to 21,000 rpm , or a throaty V-twin like the photo. Makes me want to ride again ! Chris
  • That's not a big bike mate....

    Now THIS is a BIG bike...

    1,300 lbs of 504 mind blowing, street smokin' horse power.

    Ah to ride again...

    You can check out even more of these fantasy bikes at

  • Uni R
    Uni R Member Posts: 663

    I guess a Drysdale would be like a wall hung modulating burner. It's available in either 750 or 1000cc and can wring out up to 19,000rpm.

    Now, this would be the cast iron equivalent. 355 cubic inches, only 2 speeds (probably one two many since a Boss uses 1) and the full length of a utility room.
  • Eric Taylor_30
    Eric Taylor_30 Member Posts: 1

    After starting a family I decided to give up living dangerously. No bikes, skydiving, or fast driving anymore.....don't even miss it that much.

    Now if I could just quit smokin'..........

  • Jim_22
    Jim_22 Member Posts: 53

    Try this link. Built with a 500 HP Viper V 10. With four wheels it's probably not technically a motorcycle but it is FAST!
  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186

    a couple this year on Block Island, it's like a v8 in a bike frame,very cool.Best sight and sound I was in Toronto about 8 years ago Sunday morning about 6am downtown,no traffic, then around the corner comes a Ducati 905? 4 stoke with header (sweetest bike sound I ever heard),guy wheelies 2 city blocks it was very cool even with a hangover.
  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    Well & truly one-upped,

    is what I am :O)

    The Duc' 999 seems almost small, now.

    I had no idea there was so much awesome machinery out there.

    Can you imagine getting paid to build such stuff.

    Oh well, back to tuning my 110hp 5000S (86 Audi, that is)

    Night all. Any more monster motors out there.

    Brian in lower 30's Swampland. Wierd weather ?

    This one produces gas, doesn't consume it :)
  • J.C.A.
    J.C.A. Member Posts: 349

    Made a 750 Hailwood replica back in the day . Other than the odd 250/350cc singles they were importing, the all black w/ gold wheels on the Hailwood looked like the "Ricky racers" that the Japanese builders put on the floor now.

    Tankless, your joggin the old brain bucket ! I remember seeing the TZ', then the magical appearance of the RZ here in the states . 2 cylinder, 2 stroke smokers ! (with a twist-o-flex frame that needed to be gusseted quite a bit for any real sense of handling prowess). Ah .....the good old days . Who'd a thunk the likes of the Ninja,GSXR and CBR would take the place of a big 2 stroke ? Remember the Suzuki 750 triple 2 stroke ? They were outlawed from road racing here for a couple years cause nothing could keep up with them . (again, they handled like an apartment building in a mudslide, but with some stiffening, they were fast down the straights). Better yet, how about the Suzuki with the "Wankle"/rotary engine ? I know a guy who still has one.

    Oh to be young and foolish again ! Chris
  • Eric Taylor_31
    Eric Taylor_31 Member Posts: 1

    Helped a friend get his CZ 400 running back in high school autoshop. Dual plugs on a single cylinder two-stroke 400cc dirt bike. We found out after the engine started that the throttle was sticky. One goose and it locked full open! He grabbed the plug wires and managed to hold on to them as he got thrown about eight feet. We looked up to see every window in the building filled with faces all having the same expression :O I will remember the sound of that screamer forever!

    That bike would wheelie right over in any gear with the least bit of a goose. My friend had to get rid of it because he decided staying alive was kinda nice! A YZ 125 is plenty of power for off roading fun.

    Excess in moderation!

  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    Some parallel lives

    going on here.

    First bike worked was my Dad's BSA C-10 250. Next was a WW11, maroon, Flat-Head Harley, with cowhorn dandlebars. It hadn't run since the war. In my high school science class, we stripped it down to the last nut & bolt, rebuil tit, and it started first kick!!!!! Oh joy and bliss.

    Will this thread ever end.

    Brian, a pickled cycle-nut in Swampland.
  • John Fernandez_2
    John Fernandez_2 Member Posts: 40

    So how many BTU'S does one of them fancy Italian motrsicles put out anyhow?
  • SeattleNick_2
    SeattleNick_2 Member Posts: 24

  • SeattleNick_2
    SeattleNick_2 Member Posts: 24
    I keep a copy of the original superbike around......

    ....and have just as much fun at one third the cost. 1969 BSA Rocket 3 750cc (not for the non mechanicly inclined!)

  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    BTU's Lemme see

    That's a tricky one, but I'll try.

    160hp = 746 watts x 160 = 119,36 kw x 3413 (btu/kw) = 407,375 btu's.

    28kw is 95,564 watts (A Siesco RA-28), so, see above.

    Imagine 407.375 btu's available at the rear wheel?

    If you drop the clutch at 19,000rpm/160hp/407.375btu's, you had better be hanging on to something VERY sturdy, cos something's going to break.

    have you ever seen a connecting rod come or go, through a crankcase....with a knee on the end of it. Not a pretty sight. Nuff said.

    Sweet dreams from BTU land, I'm outta here.


  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    Rocket 3 Triumph trident.

    What rivalry that was!

    I had a Trident for a short while, what power, awesome, but oil leaks out the whazoo. Oil pump couldn't keep with motor, Oh well.

    Tanks for de memries, Nick.

    It's bedtime in SW Louisiana.
  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186

    of my brother had a triple air cooled Kawi that he would race down RT-1. He would go so fast for so long in a straight line the middle cylinder would seize.The fork tubes blocked the air to it.He'd stop smoke a couple of butts and go off again.Same kid (true story)was driving his pick up way to fast though the back roads and drove off the side of the road.Lucky for him he landed about 20 feet off the ground in a pinetree,he had a bike in the back threw it out and peddled home.Took about a week for it to fall out.Havent seen him in years but I think he's still alive.He had some great pick up lines for the ladies too,usually with the same results. Dave
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 15,065
    Not the fastest

    scooter I've thrown a leg over. But it still put a smile on my bug crusted face. Spent some time on this demo today. Beautiful bike, loud and knarley.

    hot rod
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Biro
    Biro Member Posts: 8
    Mine's slower!

    53 BMW, I restored it in 91. Right down to the last nut and bolt. Blue Moon Cycle in Atlanta did the motor. This baby is slow!
  • Tom M.
    Tom M. Member Posts: 237
    If you ever win the lottery,

    This is who to call:
  • Biro
    Biro Member Posts: 8
    Mine's slower!

    53 BMW. I restored it in 92. Right down to the last nut and bolt. Blue Moon Cycle in Atlanta did the motor.

    This baby is slow!

  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 15,065
    Very nice, biro

    one of my all time favorite brands! Still have it? The BMW National is on the Eastern side of the US this year. Might be a fun ride.

    hot rod
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Biro
    Biro Member Posts: 8
    Yup, still have it.

    Spent a lot of time tuning it in 92, haven't touched it since then. Funny thing is, it still runs just as well as it did 11 years ago. Not sure why, But if it ain't broke....I won't mess with it.

    I probably only put about 500 miles a summer on it. Real pretty to look at, but the riding position isn't good for anything over about 50 miles at a time.

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