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Anyone hear of Baxi Luna Boilers?

We recently picked up distribution of the unit. I'm in technical support and had the chance to tear one down and put it back together. I was impressed with the ease of service and think it will be a great unit. I've had experience with similar type units, like Paloma Pak, but think this one is done right.


  • Steve Bergerson
    Steve Bergerson Member Posts: 38
    Are They Any Good?

    I've got a salseman here who is trying to get me to try a new wall hung, non condensing, 87% boiler, called Baxi Luna. They come from Britian... Anyone have any experience with these?

    Also, how is the reliability? I don't want to install a bunch of these and find out the hard way that there are problems.

    They look like a great unit!
  • Baxi Luna

    We've installed a couple of the combi units; one just recently and one about a year ago. Extremely quiet, easy to install and they work very well.

    There is a bit of a slow learning curve on the double-wall flue installation; read the instructions carefully before you get to the job.

    Made in Italy.

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  • MikeTH
    MikeTH Member Posts: 14
    Baxi Luna

    Hi Steve,
    The Baxi Luna boiler has been in North America since 1998. In this time there have been around 5000 installations using this boiler, global sales of the Luna are in excess of 1.5 million since they were first introduced approx 15 years ago. The Luna is on its third generation now and some of these changes have been designed for the boiler to operate better in our marketplace.
    The Baxi has been built to operate using the North American electrcal supply and uses many North American built parts in the boiler.
    Main distribution is from the Toronto area of Canada, this is the main parts supply depot and technical support also. We have been working to find good partners to work with and act as our dealers. Some of these dealers have been with Baxi since 1998 and have many installations with satisfied customers and contractors alike. New dealers are comming on board all of the time and we do encourage dealers to carry some parts localy.

    The Luna has a modulating gas valve which will give you system efficiency also; the boiler will only use the amount of gas required to operate at any given time. That is to say, to heat a space of 70000 BTU's the boiler can be pre-set for that output. As the space heats up your heating system will not need to introduce as much heat into that area to maintain temperature, so the system returns warmer water back to the boiler. As this happens the Luna's gas pressure will start to reduce, the boiler will now fire at 65000 BTU's, then 60000 and so on untill either the room stat or the boiler stat is satisfied, thats system efficiancy.
    The Baxi Luna is availlable in two models, one heating only and one combination, heat and hot water; both has full electronic modulation from 105000 BTU's down to 35000BTU's. There are a lot of other built in features like an outdoor reset, but your salesman should be able to help with all of this information. Visit our web-site for more information, or contact us there and we will send you more details.

  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    My Geordie/Limey brother, David

    is a radiant/panel-rad wethead on Tyneside, England, and has installed 100's of these units (including my Mom's home).

    Very, very reliable.

    Second-hand referral, but I trust my bro'. Baxi are OK.

    Brian (second-hand-news) Wood.
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 15,425
    I had a coffee

    in their two-story booth at ISH this week. My friend Paul Yunnie from England reps them there. Paul is the head of the ASHRAE historical committee and a very smart guy. He's worked with Baxi for years. Good stuff.

    Retired and loving it.
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