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AERO water heater


Had the same problem with these water Heaters several times. If the Burner is a Carlin Elite, which it probably is, better check your fire. Flame adjustments are critical with this burner. The Cad Cell will react to the flame.



  • Mad Russian
    Mad Russian Member Posts: 29
    Beware Guys! AERO water heater.

    Recently I was invited for a consultation. During last couple of days crew of three unsuccessfully tried to start up AERO oil fired water heater.Every time after 15 seconds primery control relay shut the heater off.Resistance of CAD sell during the short operation was measured at around 6000 ohm.The problem: the burner head design such a way, that air nozzle (turbulator) obstruct line of view from CAD sell to the fire.After couple of petals of the nozzle were bended the heater works fine ever since.
  • J.C.A.
    J.C.A. Member Posts: 349
    did anyone.....?

    Try seeing if the cad cell could see the flame ?(was the mount or mounting clip bent?)

    An old timer taught me a secret. Painting the blasttube silver made a world of difference.

    These are USUALLY 1725 burners, and since the B/W takeover or combining of the co.'s , I dont know if you got the newest stuff. I personally didn't like the eff. #'s on the older burners, but wouldn't complain about the life of them or the tanks. They may burn a few gallons more over the lifetime , but the tanks seem to me , to last a whole lot longer than a high speed burner fed unit . JMHO. Chris
  • todd s
    todd s Member Posts: 212
    Cad Cell

    I be very cautious about doing either of the two steps you guys described. Bending a turbulator is going to affect combustion and could lead to more problems. Painting an AIRtube is bad practice and could be very dangerous. I know burners can sometimes be a headache but making these are not true solutions.
  • B. Tice
    B. Tice Member Posts: 206
    An old trick

    Fairly common on Aero burners. I've had to bend the fins several times over the years due to the flame sighting problem.Never created a problem. I agree with Chris, Aeros go the distance.
  • sootmonkey
    sootmonkey Member Posts: 158

    why is it a bad idea to paint an air tube?
  • Mad Russian
    Mad Russian Member Posts: 29

    To interfere with the burner design either by bending or by painting is no good, but there was no choice.The manufacturer should correct the design.
  • B. Tice
    B. Tice Member Posts: 206
    Paint in tube

    This was a common trick back in the stack control to cad cell conversion on an old burner days. The cad cell would have truoble seeing light down those 20" tubes, so we used to paint them silver. However, it would keep a bad flame going when it shoulda went off on safety. So, not a good idea.
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