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Geothermal loop info needed

Don in IA
Don in IA Member Posts: 7
Hi all, customer has a leak in the well field on his geo system.
Anyone have experiance looking for this needle in the haystack?
Any bulliten boards that specifically address geo systems?
will provide more info if you want.

Thanks Don


  • You'll need

    a doppler effect type of leak locator. I only know of one company here in Colorado, named Utility Technical Services Inc, a.k.a. UTSI. They have a web site at http://www.utsleak.com/

    If they don't travel to Iowa, maybe they know someone who has thier capability.

    What a major bummer. Leak in a well field. Funny, we were discussing that possibility at work today...


  • Wax that baby
    Wax that baby Member Posts: 2
    geo thermal

    I the loop field a horizontal loop, vertical loop or slinky. Are the loops manifolded together outside or where they piped individually into the building. If the later, close off the leaking loop. This will reduce the amount of heat transfer available, but you will have the leak isolated. Maybe install a new loop during warm weather. Do not use any kind of leak sealer.
  • Don in IA
    Don in IA Member Posts: 7
    Lots of wells

    66 tons of wells. Some at 200 ft. some at 150. The system that is giving the most trouble has two well fields piped to it. We can isolate them and find out which one is the leaker(if only one!).

    Thanks for the lead Mark. Tried to e-mail but didn't go thru. Sounds like what we need.

    By the way the 50 year warrenty doesn't count for much if part of the field is under concrete and garages.

    Don in IA
  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543
    Leaking loopfield

    Who installed field and how old is it? The installing contractor should handle the repair. Are the loop manifolds in a manifold well with access to the loops or did the low bidder just bury the manifolds in the yard? Check IGSHPA web site,they may be of some help. Remember to check the freeze protection fluid in the system and recharge to proper concentration with compatable fluid. 99.9 it ain't glycol probable an alchohol preferable ethanol
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